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The brilliant western sun in glorious burnt orange fury is headed out to pasture Making room for a seamless starry night for those bright incandescent lights to illuminate a century of waiting ruins Tame at last the scattered sun rays make their last stand The whippoorwill sings of a vast, aching loneliness In the glimmering, … Continue reading


Through the Desert with the Stones (Excerpt 2)

β€œOh hi Greg,” Camille said. β€œGood to see you,” he responded. β€œOh hello Camille, I’m doing fine,” said Gran. β€œYou have really done enough, I so appreciate you.” β€œWell if you ever need any help…” said Camille. β€œBut of course, I’d sure call you. You are such a pretty girl…” said Gran. Camille smiled. β€œYes,” … Continue reading