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Nate, a 4th grader in West Texas, tells his story about life in Sportsville, USA.  The story will ring true to those of you in big football/baseball/basketball states.

Appropriate for all children, 4-10 and any adult who likes sports stories!

LT Garvin writes with a sly humor that will even make the most stoic adult laugh.

And of course, Corbin Hillam’s illustrations accurately portray those “sports moments.”


Animals Galore cover final


Dancing with the Sandman:
In this tragicomedy set in the turbulent 60s of West Texas, Billie Jo Dunstan comes face-to-face with the sandman. Echoes of the past dance in dusty swirls of memories of rural Texas where the past and small-town life still survive well beyond the superhighways and the ratcheting progress of the present. The sandman is everywhere—blowing life and death, happiness and sadness.
During the Binky days, I had a tricycle; I was about three years old. It was bright, shiny red, and ready to go. Sidewalks were longer then than they are now, and many more paths ran alongside them. On a sidewalk in those days, you could travel from city to city or make your own parking lot. I was blessed with the gift of imagination, which let me tell you, in this part of the country, it’s a darn good thing. Armed with this gift, I could spend all day going to the post office, the grocery store, and the laundromat: places I found worth going to. I never thought where the sidewalk or the highway might end, or that they would even leave Knoxford County, Texas. I did learn eventually that they did, indeed, go beyond that, and as I was to find out much later, this was both good and bad in many ways.
–a sheer gift of imagination and creativity
–stream of consciousness at its best
 –a story which will find you laughing and crying at the same time


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  5. Oh that’s an awesome trailer, LT. I was going to go straight to Amazon to take a further look but you’ve pulled it? And what’s this ‘Dancing with the Sandman?’ When in 2017? Exciting times! 🙂

    • Thanks for watching, Phil. I’m still learning about trailers. Trial and error, lol. The Sandman was pulled and revamped and will soon appear on with the 4th Grader. I’ll know more about when as I’m talking to the publisher this afternoon 😀

      • I was just messing about on iMovie and it kind of did itself.
        Good luck this afternoon. Hope they offer you a bundle load of cash for more of your excellence in print 🙂

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