nostalgia / Poetry

The Moon One Night

The harvest moon

rose in glory

against a painted sky

and all that mattered was

a moment of she an I

Oblivious I was at first

starting out in the car

The blue-eyed girl and I

never made it far

Lost there in the nineties

in a rapid flux of change

Life was not for sale

and nothing was arranged

Around us paths cut through

swamps and forest

And for the blue-eyed girl

a life full of tests

For there she was in youth

full heart and dreaming

That crazy, giant moon

hung in the sky gleaming

We were just going about,

a small insignificant trip

A miraculous and unplanned

Milky Way dip

In a converible with no roof,

oh time it was thieving

little did I think that

I would soon be leaving

The Moonstruck Moon,

loftily glowed

As we drove onward

down the road

The swamp and forest change,

the city, it would grow

The blue-eyed girl and I

How little did we know

Of celestial heavens,

quite far then so near

That harvest moon for me

will never disappear…



15 thoughts on “The Moon One Night

  1. A beautiful and nostalgic poem. I thought, at first, that the blue-eyed girl was you – but I see from the comment above that it was your daughter. Some lovely imagery. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the lovely compliment and for stopping by my blog and following. That moon was so incredible that night, I’ve never forgotten it. The city is Houston where my daughter still lives, so I don’t get to see her as much as I like.

      • I loved the way you describe the moon -very beautiful. I don’t write poetry myself but I enjoy reading that of others. I know you’ve written a novel, so we have that in common. I’m writing my third at the moment.
        Thank you so much for following me back. I noticed when I was on your blog earlier, we’d contacted some time ago. I’m surprised I didn’t follow you then. Ah well, better late than never… 🙂

      • I thought you seemed familiar. ..well its all good. Third novel, congratulations! I’m still trying to move mine but it takes more time selling one than writing one, ha ha. I am publishing a children’s book so I’m happy about that.

      • Mine haven’t been published traditionally – and I’m still trying to move them, too. I agree that promotion is very hard work. At he moment they are both eBooks, but I’m waiting for print versions from CreateSpace to be finished. I wish you every success with your children’s book.

      • Thank you. .it’s a first for me. Writing a book in any format is a great accomplishment and a treasure for those who come after us as a testament to history, fantasy and imagination 🙂

  2. I could see this in many different ways. It is good to leave it open-ended and open to interpretation. A sister, a male point of view of a lover or a girlfriend or ? !
    When I saw your comment about your blue-eyed daughter I saw it fall into place. This is a poignant, memory piece.

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