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Revenge of the Cat

So I came in the other day, and my cat had apparently been reading my WordPress site, and he saw the post about the collie, and he just couldn’t stand it…so he had to write this, and I felt it was my duty to post it for him  🙂

Warring through the window,

they are ever so tough

Deftly they manuever

all over your stuff

With picky noses,

they sniff the air

Feline authority

with an ounce of dare

Winding through

your walking legs

a semi-murderous plot

Making you stumble

right on the spot

Open up the door,

then they just look about

Forgetting for what purpose

they would like to go out

Their preferential taste

for a certain food

Don’t blame the felines

for that pristine catitude

Behind the sofa,

you find a little stash

of assorted mice toys, balls,

lids meant for the trash

Sometimes in the morning

perchance your foot will fall

upon a small mistake

a mishap of a hairball

Then as you lift Fluffy

gently from your lap

You might walk away

and receive a random slap

All in a day’s work

for a small house cat

See if the average canine

can top all that….



23 thoughts on “Revenge of the Cat

  1. What a ripper. Get Archie and Mihitabel by Don Marquis from the library. Archie is a cockroach and Mihitable is a cat. It’s a fabulous read. With your imagination you will absolutely lover it.

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