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Wearing Blinders?

For eleven days, we have stood by to watch horrific history unfold in front of our eyes. We have watched a foul man that many have labeled as unstable warp and craft his own version of history and make a move to land grab a sovereign country. We have watched as President Zelenskiy whose selfless … Continue reading

At the Shopette Pt. 2
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At the Shopette Pt. 2

Part one of this story can be found here:   “What’s your name?” asked the dark cop. “Greg….Greg Taylor,” I said. “So Greg, you should be in school, why are you here?” “Lunch,” I answered weakly. “So, you like baseball cards, do ya?” asked the dark cop. “Umm, yeah,” I said. “Yeah!” he bellowed. … Continue reading

At St. John’s One Day
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At St. John’s One Day

Venerable church desolate in desertion meadow-sheltered the fields spanning out in geometric patterns fringing the borders of crops and headdresses of dandelions. Inside, the sunlight streams casting kaleidoscopic patterns alighting salvation’s path gleaming through yesterday’s songs of choirs passed. Hymnals once opened hearts enveloped in crisp Sunday shirts seeking the beauty of one true light … Continue reading

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Under the Street Lights – Miracle Challenge

( Miracle Challenge – Week 8 #4 – Under the Street Lights Under the street lights sometimes lovers say goodbyes and lonely ones look to night skies sometimes the misplaced meet there under that glow seeking redemption far from daylight’s roar. And in those moments beneath scattered light life’s drifters decide if they are lucky … Continue reading