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In the tic tock


of time

distance drips

from an IV

as we realize

the quality

of permanence

desperate attempts

we all claw

at wholeness

denied by age

decided by destiny

rambling on

until the grand finale

43 thoughts on “Quietus

  1. I like it all, but “distance drips / from an IV” put me right in the scene. I could see from your perspective the distortion of time as the drops fall, looking back, looking forward, melancholy in both worlds. Well done, Lana! 🙂

    • Thank you, Joan. You have that wonderfully keen, poetic eye. I wished you lived nearby and we could have lattes and talk poetry. We wouldn’t even have to wear black turtlenecks to Starbucks, mainly because it is much too hot to wear black turtlenecks now 😀 I hope you have a marvelous week, happy writing to you!

      • Lattes would be fun… I guess all poets wear black turtlenecks? Under a sweater with elbow patches. Baggy corduroy pants. Birkenstock Arizonas, with socks. And a beret worn at a tilt. Now if you see me at your local Starbuck’s, you’ll know it’s me. 🙂 hee hee

  2. “wholeness/ denied by age/ decided by destiny.” Powerful, Lana, The sad poignancy of so many people’s end of life experiences. Beautifully written, this poem seems to drip with the IV.

      • I´m so much better now, thank you Lana. 🙂 Busy as a bee preparing a little exhibition with the students of my pottery class – they´ve done so well, and I would love to share their work here, but their parents unfortunately are against me taking pictures of their kids so that´s it.
        How are you? I hope those migraines are a thing of the past and that you give your tennis elbow some rest too from time to time. Did you finish all clearing out? I still have lots to do 😂
        Much love!

      • Good to hear you are feeling well. I am doing okay, healthwise, but I work myself into exhaustion every day. I’m still cleaning out, pairing down, upcycling, and weeding out. I think at some point, I will just have to call it, and say that is enough for awhile. Much love to you, Sarah. I hope you are having a fabulous week!

      • Sometimes working yourself to exhaustion can be a good thing, stops you from thinking too much, I often feel. But please take good care of yourself and take little breaks for coffee or something to eat. There´s nothing more important than your own health.
        Sending you much strength to get it all done! Hugs&Love! 🙂

      • I´m so glad to hear that, Lana! Sending you lots of virtual cake to keep you sustained 🍰(just wish wish I could find a way to beam some real one up to you 😀 ). Much love! 🙂

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