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At St. John’s One Day

Venerable church

desolate in desertion


the fields spanning out

in geometric patterns

fringing the borders of crops

and headdresses of dandelions.

Inside, the sunlight streams

casting kaleidoscopic patterns

alighting salvation’s path

gleaming through

yesterday’s songs

of choirs passed.

Hymnals once opened

hearts enveloped

in crisp Sunday shirts

seeking the beauty

of one true light

peace offered

in the feathers of a dove.

The ensemble of

mixed voices

uplifting, saving

still presses upon these walls

then rushes beyond where

the sacred rivers meet.

38 thoughts on “At St. John’s One Day

    • Thanks, Pauline. This is an actual church in a ghost town near me. I used an art program on the photo, but I probably should have used just the actual one. It has been abandoned for some time now, but the landowners do allow people to visit and take photos. Thank you so much!

  1. Loved the imagery in here, esp “headdresses of dandelions” and “hearts enveloped / in crisp Sunday shirts.” Maybe next time I need writing inspiration, I’ll light a votive candle and sit in a quiet pew and just soak up the melancholy solemnity, the smell of incense lingering in the carpet, beams of light refracted through stained glass. Thanks, Lana. Great song, too, the ever-spinning wheel of life. 🙂

    • Thank you, Joan. This church is actually located in a ghost town not far from me. It sits out smack middle in farming fields. The family who owns it allows people to visit and take photos. Sadly, there has been some vandalism. It really is magical inside when the sunlight streams through the windows. I may have to post some of my non-artistically modified photos sometimes. Oh the song, oh yes, now that’s a great one!

  2. Lovely poem, Lana, and your imagery paints a vivid picture of the scene. I love the way places capture the essence of their histories and you can see and feel them so profoundly. Perfect song choice too; it was a contemplative, peaceful read.

    • Thanks, Diana. This is a church located not far from me in a ghost town. It sits in the middle of a section of crop fields. Luckily, the land owners allow people to visit and take photos. I try to imagine the congregation back in the 1930s. It is a peaceful place. I have always liked that song 😀

  3. Thank you Lana. I love architectures and its past, cause they all have a story to tell, just like when I see old doors, I wonder what story they have to tell. And your words were absolutely fantastic, “mixed voice,” and “sacred rivers meet,” it creates vivid imagination and it is like I can see the real picture of them as they are described. I enjoyed it, was very interesting!

  4. Something sad about the demise of a church, Lana. I’ll comfort myself by pretending the congregation saved their pennies and built a new building, ha!

    • Yes a bit sad, although, I believe it was because the community dried up, so then there were not enough people to sustain. it. After WWII, that entire area including the little town I grew up in was booming. Then we the invention of highways, the decline of farming and oil, and people discovered they could move to cities and get jobs. I actually fear the same will happen to my hometown as it seems that more and more small towns are fading away. I guess in the end, they call it progress.

      • I’m not sure I’d agree it’s progress. There’s something sad about people packed like sardines into huge cities, fighting traffic and crime, just for a job. Easy for me to say, since I live in a small town. Sure, we miss out on the opportunities of a big city, but it’s way more laid back, ha!

  5. So beautiful, Lana! Puts me right back to the Cathedral I visited in Seville, Spain so many years ago now. 🙂 And the song is still one of the best! Love it so much! Thank you for making me sing and smile today! Much love! 🙂 ❤

    • Very welcome, Sarah. Thank you. I have wanted to go to Spain for such a long time, I so hope I get to visit someday. Singing and smiling is a great way to get through the day. I hope you have a wonderful week. Much love to you also 😀

      • You should definitely visit Spain someday – it´s a wonderful country! So far my travels only took me through the south, Andalusia, and I can recommend it wholeheartedly. Best time to visit would be Spring or late summer/early autumn – in summer it´s just way too hot!
        Have a very beautiful day, Lana! xxx 🙂

      • Ah, yes, Texas can be quiet proud of its own heat! Too bad one can not store it for winter and ship it off to where it´s icy cold 😉 The money you could make… 😀
        Have a beautiful weekend, Lana! ❤

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