L.T. Garvin

I have always been a literature fan and an avid reader. I started writing poetry when I was in junior high school then short stories when I was in high school. In college, I discovered a treasure trove of works by amazing literary masters, plus I had to read them because they were assigned, and I had to pass in order to move on to the next level. Much like video gaming today. I loved some of the gwonders of literature, and the others, well, they expanded my mind. I have even come to appreciate T.S. Eliot’s: The Wasteland as an English professor told me that I would (at that time, in the 1980s I was busy appreciating Duran Duran, and thought she must be out of her mind). Although I have to admit, the line in the poem about “showing fear in a handful of dust” did stick with me, and it seems really current at the moment. I am now about twenty years behind on my reading, but I plan to catch up.

I always had good intentions of writing The Great American Novel, but life and making a living got in the way, as it sometimes does plus: sports, teenagers, dinner, laundry, mowing the grass, and writing papers about the history of print, which I think might have put that professor to sleep too.

When I’m not working at my job in public education, I am busy dissecting who has the upper hand on Beverly Hills Housewives or formerly Mob Wives, or at least attempting to determine who has the best eyeliner and also solving the invariable differences that arise among several moody felines who live with me (much like the wives’ shows). Otherwise, I might be shopping at the local mall, pretending that it has a Macy’s and that chocolate is really not caloric, and the wind really can’t be blowing 50 mph again.

I love all types of foods, Italian, Mexican, German, and basically anything that I don’t have to cook. I have traveled some, but not enough, or at least recently not far enough away from my teenager or my mother.  My first e-book on Amazon sold five Kindle copies including the one to my mother, who doesn’t have a Kindle, and four other relatives who I don’t think have Kindles either. Although there is an App.  Currently, I have children’s books, short stories and poetry volumes available on Amazon.  My soon to be published novel, Dancing with the Sandman, which might appeal especially to the Baby Boomers generation, will be available on Amazon this fall.  Hard copies of books are also available on Lulu.com.

I think the big e-book secret is having a good book cover or telling people how to increase their productivity. If you have an amazing cover, well I’d say you are more than halfway there.   A great deal of advice is out there on creating the ultimate e-book, promoting a blog, stopping procrastination, making zillions of dollars and dissing your boss. People might want to think a little bit before that last one. Those are good aspirations to have, along with some nights getting at least eight hours of sleep and finding the perfect nail polish color for your toes. Thanks for stopping by…now maybe go out and make the world a better place…one person at a time 🙂

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  1. Thanks for visiting my own blog – an eclectic collection as is yours, but tending more to verse at the moment. Like you, TS Eliot has grown on me over the years. I use his “These fragments I have shored Against my ruins.”, from “The Wasteland” on my own About Page. It precisely sums up my purpose in blogging. Do keep an eye on my output, as I will on yours..

  2. Years ago (late 1990s) I knew a Mary Broussard who had a website called The Widow’s Web…I’m always on the look out for her. I just realized today (while going through those I “follow” on WordPress that L.T. Garvin was Lana Broussard. The last name caught my eye. I’m trying to get to know those I’ve chosen to “follow” and here I am reading about you. Now I need to check out your books and poetry 🙂

  3. Love this – misery loves company, sorry – am constantly battling time. Self-published authors must produce as well as promote, but how to do it all? Thanks for sharing. Please let us know when you find the secret 🙂

  4. I can see what life can do to ambitious mind such as yours… I wish you all the good luck to go ahead and complete your novel 🙂 Time is what we make of it… (saying this to myself too :p )

  5. I am also more than twenty years behind in reading everything I want to read. Most of my younger reading was non-fiction. I read about my favorite subjects and people. I discovered Wolfe around 16 or 17. I already had a deep love for the South, so in my reading had heard him mentioned, so I read him and have not been the same since.

    • I have almost always been a fiction freak, I just love to escape. I do like biographies and autobiographies too. I was much older when I discovered Wolfe, but his work is truly amazing. It has been a long time since I read, Look Homeward Angel, and I really need to read it again. I work so many hours that it is difficult to read, but I did manage to read two books last year. The links to my work (which really doesn’t borrow anything but the title) are:


      Hopefully these will come through. Thanks so much for reading my blog!

      • I think I prefered non-fiction, because I was always so interested in things. I had an insatiable curiosity about everything, so if my interest was peaked, I would investigate. That would open the door to even more people and subjects. Thanks for the links, I did find them without . I think I may have commented on one. I had alwatys heard Wolfe and Faulkner as being the preeminent writers of southern literature, that was at least 35 years ago. Wolfe has not held up as well for some reason.
        LI liked the first line, :as Thmas said’, reminds me of Simon and Garfunkle’s. “Mr.s Robinson” mentioning Joe DiMaggio..

      • Oh thank you, that’s a great song, one of my favorites. Yes, there are many interesting non-fiction books, come to think of it, and I have read a few. I love books, and still have many. I did finally embrace the Kindle App so I can read on my phone if I’m stranded somewhere and because it takes so much room space to hang on to paper books.

      • That was my problem space. They take up a lot of room. It doesn’t bother me though. I would love to have stacjs of them. I had to get rid of most ofthem when my mom died, asI kept a lot of them over there. My apartment was just to small.

      • I hate to get rid of them too. There are very few that I have got rid of that I did not want. Circumstances made me get rid of many of them I did not want to, and i am still upset about it

      • Yes, how could I forget those. I alsoused tolike to hit the bargain bins at Barnes And Noble, and Borders.

  6. You are welcome L. T., and thanks for following my blog. Although I have not posted much of anything lately. I will get back to it eventually. Currently I don’t have much time to even read all my blogger friends these days, so don’t feel bad.

  7. Maybe the great American novel will have a great cover and the word ‘productivity’ in the title.
    I also got washed up in the New Romantic music wave and was late to discover the classics. Fortunately we are living longer and may be able to catch up on those essential books.
    Cheers from Australia.

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