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Angry Girl

Girl with the

you-can’t-make-me swagger

muttering defiances

from a sour tongue

a mouth formed to mask


a handful of toughness

to cover

your shattered shell

a sieve

where self esteem

flows through and


trying to find a measure

of escape

while you linger in your loudness

plot, flame and fume

try to engage

construct a battle

bereft of plan

bereft of reason

engulfed in that

angry moment



7 thoughts on “Angry Girl

  1. I do know we sometimes are inside seething, as younger people we “spew” and as we grow older we hold it in. I have some friends who allow me to rant and listen, dome who also feel free to do this and I listen, Lana. Communication is tricky, at all ages! 🙂 ♡

      • That “Referee” role is one of your many caps you must wear in teaching. Sorry that you were faced with this but can see your intuitive qualities which help both of you. You to get through these encounters, and her, through your caring, Lana.

      • I will always try. It is amazing that there are so many kids out there who need people. It truly does “take a village.” I hope that more people who can find the time might volunteer in the public schools.

  2. This is so observant, so spot on. I have a daughter just like it as she strives to build her own identity in the world. High spirited but still vulnerable underneath it all. I really liked this.

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