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The Darkling Plain

Oh that calm sea

the cliffs of England near distant

perpetual lull

of incoming tides

sand and pebbles dance

if you listen

you can hear

that eternal note of sadness

coming eventide

In this vast, northern sea

emanating in shadowy depths below

that which Sophocles knew

the bane of human misery

washed from The Sea of Faith

salty tears shed

and in all the world

those paltry lands of dreams

absent are joy, love, light

no help for all that ails

and out on that darkling plain

those ignorant armies still clash

and separate the world we have

from one that might have become



20 thoughts on “The Darkling Plain

  1. A beautiful poem, L.T. and a great tribute to Matthew Arnold’s poem, Dover Beach. As you have noted above, it is still fitting today, with all the upheaval in the world. The picture of Dover Beach is so lovely.

    • That is one of my favorite poems of all time. I was thinking about the recent issues and happen to read that poem and thought about how relevant it is today. I get almost all my images from Pixabay which offers free-use images. I was actually looking for a night time or darker image but nothing was available at the time πŸ™‚

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