Infinity Dreams Blogging Award

I was recently nominated for this lovely award by my friend and fellow blogger: Millie Thom.  Millie maintains a beautiful blog and writes about English history, her travels, English countryside and has a wonderful Word of the Week segment.  I would first like to thank Millie for thinking of me.  Secondly, I have spent some time approaching fellow bloggers about passing this award along but there has not been much enthusiasm for it.  I believe this is because it does take a great deal of work to handle these awards in the manner that is requested, and we are also entering the busy time of year (but isn’t it always busy :).  In that regard, I would like to pass this on to any of my readers/followers who would like to participate. Although it is a good deal of work, it also helps the blogging community see another and more personal side of the writers who keep blogs.  Or you can just pick a question and answer it in the comments section.  Please visit Millie’s site also, if you are unfamiliar with it at:  Millie Thom


These are the rules for this award:

* Thank and follow the blog that nominated you

* Tell us 11 facts about you

1. I love to read. I’ll probably be buried with a book in my hand. I write under a pen name from a combination of my two grandmothers’ names (I was so lucky to have them, and I write a great deal about them). L.T. stands for Lola Twillia Garvin.

2. I have a sweet tooth. I wish I didn’t have a sweet tooth.

3. I adore making jewelry, it is a nice creative outlet for me. I sell a little of it.

4. I wish I had concentrated more on developing and doing one thing really good instead of being Miss Multi-Tasker.

5. All my children have grown up and it’s kinda weird.

6. I have a lot of cats. I never thought I would have so many cats.

7. I would like to travel, but I don’t have anyone to take care of my cats 🙂

8. I would like to live on the coast (except during hurricane season).

9. I love nail salons….manicures, pedicures, a small time investment that makes someone feel really great (although I never actually take the time to do it).

10. I am married to a rock star….okay, but he should have been a rock star!

11. I love universities, I would like to work at a university to just take in the campus, library, and old buildings.

Millie’s Questions

  1. What is your favourite season /time of year and why?

    I love summer, I hate winter, I hate cold weather.

  2. Were your schooldays really ‘the happiest years of your life’?

    Yes they were. I enjoyed those carefree days, and they were also days when many of my family members were still alive.

  3. Does your personality/character suit your sign of the zodiac?

    Oh yes it does, I am Leo the Lion, and it all fits perfectly.

  4. Which is your preferred way of expressing yourself creatively? (Do you prefer the written word, photography, art, drama …or what?)

    Writing….that’s the one.

  5. Do you prefer to read an ebook (on tablet/Kindle) or the hard copy version?

    I love hard-copy books, but I can read the Kindle ones on my phone whenever I’m stranded somewhere and I don’t have to dust them or when I’m standing in line buying cookies or cat food 🙂

  1. What is your favourite genre in books and what do you particularly like about that genre?

    I have a penchant for southern literature. I guess it is reminiscent of home, habits and familiarity. Texas really isn’t considered the south, although that truly depends on the people you are talking to at the moment.

  2. Are you a thinker or a doer?

    I’m a doer, it drives the Rock Guy crazy!

  3. Which type of holiday/vacation do you prefer (e.g. the beach, the mountains, skiing, fishing – or any other sport – sight-seeing etc.).

Beach, beach and beach. Did I say I would like to be on the coast?

  1. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

    I’m a night owl, mornings are sheer misery for me. I have to get up at 5 o’clock in the morning because I am a substitute teacher and I frequently teach jr. high and high school and they start way too early!

  2. Coffee or tea for you – or neither?

    Tea is the one, I drink it daily.

  3. Another nice easy one to finish: do you have a favourite colour?

It kinda depends on what the purpose is whether it’s clothes, paint a room, etc. I guess overall my favorite color would be teal.

My Questions for nominees:

1. If you could spend a day with a famous person (living or deceased) who would it be?

2. What kind of music do you like?

3. Is there any place you would like to visit?

4. Do you have a favorite book?

5. Other than blogging, do you have a favorite past time?

6. What is you favorite movie?

7. Do you think sports are over emphasized and why so?

8. Do you have pets and if so, what kind?

9. Do you think current TV shows are as good as past ones? Do you have any favorites?

10. What inspires you to maintain a blog?

11. Which holiday season is your favorite?


19 thoughts on “Infinity Dreams Blogging Award

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  2. What a great response to the nomination. It’s always good to find out a little more about fellow bloggers. I think it helps to bring the WordPress community closer together. It’s funny you should reveal what L.T. stands for – I’ve been wondering about that for ages! As you know. my pen name is made up of the names of my parents, and you chose your two grandmothers’ names. That’s lovely.
    I can understand about the reluctance to accept award nominations, too, particularly at this time of year. They’re very time consuming. This one required us to give facts as well as answer questions, whereas some just want one or the other. Still, I’m so pleased that you accepted.
    I popped onto your blog to check whether you’d done the post yet. I haven’t looked in my Reader much this week and my blog was not available from last Friday until Tuesday of this week. (It’s a long story, but I really wrecked a lot of my posts – accidentally, of course. I did a post about it, and now I look back, it just sounds really funny. I’m the world’s biggest techno-nerd, without a doubt.) 🙂

    • Millie, I wondered what happened…I tried to link to your blog but couldn’t. I am often sidelined by techno issues also. Twitter is still an obstacle for me. Yes the awards are neat in that it is great to read the various responses that people have, but they are also time consuming. I will have to jump on over to your blog (now that I can again 🙂 and read about your technology ordeal. Happy weekend!

      • I’m still finding missing images from posts, L.T. I’ve spent more time I couldn’t spare today re-inserting several. The trouble is, many of them still show on my published vesion of the posts (although they wouldn’t show on other people’s blogs) so I get fooled into thinking they’re OK. It’s only when I go into the Edit page I see the full mess! Almost there now. Enjoy your weekend, too! 🙂

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