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Thanksgiving, Bad Luck, Black Cats

Thanksgiving got off to a rough start this year. I awoke the day before with strep throat. This was a bit of a bummer, as I had to immediately cancel my Thanksgiving plans where I could be calm and relax watching my daughter meticulously modify a slippery, hard to handle turkey into an extraordinary roasted fowl. She doesn’t get those skills from me. In spite of the sickness mishap, I believe I still have much to be thankful for:

1. I am thankful for antibiotics.

2. I am thankful the doctor’s office was open.

3. I am thankful for chicken soup, not for the soul, but the kind in the can.

4. I am thankful for the microwave.

5. I am thankful for the Rock Guy who uses the microwave well.

6. I would be thankful for the monsoon that occurred the day after Thanksgiving, but it is going to make it very hard to get to the grocery store without a boat.

7. I am thankful for lots of infomercials to watch while I’m stranded on the sofa.

8. I am not thankful for 500 football games that have to be aired on TV.

The second thing that marred my would-be Thanksgiving holiday was my cat, Gene, who is a kleptomaniac. No seriously, it is like he has hands and a mission. He takes things. It is some sort of a compulsion, and he just can’t help himself. He took my best eyeshadow brush. After washing my makeup brushes, I set them on a paper towel on the countertop to dry. Then I went to sleep, and then Mr. Klepto makes his nightly rounds, and he just couldn’t resist. The next day, my Bdellium Tools 787 blending eye brush was nowhere to be found! I have searched the house high and low, and it has completely vanished. Little mister is not copping to it. Now I will have to walk around with unblended eyeshadow, but at least I will feel good while I’m doing it. I guess I will just be like Scarlett in Gone with the Wind (which was just on TV, by the way) and think about it tomorrow.   Yeah, yeah, just look at him, he looks so cute and innocent now doesn’t he?



29 thoughts on “Thanksgiving, Bad Luck, Black Cats

  1. There is something mischievous about that look he’s giving… Sorry you got sick on Thanksgiving. That’s a bummer. On the other hand, soup is one of the few foods that I think tastes better in the microwave.

  2. Gene, the cat, does look innocent and angelic, Lana. So sorry about being sick. This was bad timing and hope it wasn’t a student sneezing on you. Missing your daughter preparing the turkey is a shame, too. Your gratitude list was heartwarming considering you were sick! 🙂
    Hope you are much better and soon able to laugh at your television disaster- strep throat “holiday” weekend. Glad the Rock Guy is good at microwaving soup for you. ♡

    • I think it’s always good to look on the bright side. I didn’t get to be with my kiddos on Thanksgiving, but I did get 5 days of glorious rest. Strep throat has been running rampant through our schools so I’m quiet certain I got it there. I never had it before in my life, and my son had it a few times in junior high and high school. I normally don’t get sick (knock on wood) so hopefully that was it for awhile. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving 🙂

  3. Adorable story. I’m so sorry you’re sick, but I couldn’t help laughing like crazy over your cat Gene’s klepto habits. What had me falling out of the chair giggling was when I got to the end. A tux pattern with a pure white face! Meet Molly … long hair tux Angora, 15 years young … she steals eyeglasses (in or out of the cases), jewelry, makeup, Q-tips, red wrapping paper, hair clips, manuscript pages, ribbons, etc., etc., etc My husband and I had quite a rip-roaring chuckle over Gene and Molly! Must be part of their DNA.

    • Oh my, ha ha, tux pattern kitties, it must truly be in their DNA. I can’t even get mad at him because he is so darn cute. I am really going to miss that brush, it’s my nicest one, but there is always ebay 😉 I’ve seen photos of your cat before and she is beautiful.

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