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The Swallow

I found a wounded swallow

battered from this world

curled upon leaves of falsity

fragile as it was

chemistry thrown askew

she had tried to fly

flee a violent storm

now adrift with herself

alone carrying her wounds

despair to last a lifetime

and she was to rise again

but not as a Phoenix

to tempt a brief flight

a short escape

storms of regret rampaging

when this existence

became too great

she alighted once more

to consider it all

before discarding the burdens

of a tainted existence

to head into the ultimate blue


19 thoughts on “The Swallow

  1. Only absolute truth in this world is that all life will come to an end one day. What makes life exciting is that no one knows when, where or how the end will come. Life should be cherished as it is and death not mourned. Alas! none of us are super human and we despair and feel sad for something that all of us will face one day. Life is not fair and it is also not unfair. It is as it is. Remember your friend fondly.

  2. This is a lovely poem to read as a eulogy, Lana. Such a tribute to your brave neighbor friend. It really holds meaning to how we view our spiritual selves, too. I love how you may interpret so much from your beautiful words.
    Happy Easter, if you celebrate this holiday. ❤

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