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Tribute to the Tyger

Conflict arose

from a timeworn bookshelf

out of musty old pages

a master’s lesson

innocence and experience

can you travel far

and never venture

into the Forests of the Night?

Leave the comfort of day

the soft side of the meek lamb

to find

in that blackness,

glowing eyes staring back

fearful symmetry

twisted sinews of the heart

rhythmic beating

cadence of time

rising, falling

the forest beckons….

Fearsome, the omniscient force crafts

both the danger and the beauty

blazing tiger eyes,

magnificent predator.

The path enters the forest

safety of light dimming

beyond the innocence of the lamb.

The hand that dared to seize fire

also extends outward

as heaven rebels,

the stars threw down their spears

sorrowful cries

the ultimate duality of human existence.

Envision the blacksmith as he worked

forging flames of fire,

the fierce blazing allure

stealth and prowess

and at the altar of the flames

we learn the lesson.




11 thoughts on “Tribute to the Tyger

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  2. I was amazed at such vitality and power in this post, Lana. I was thinking of children with their fears of the dark and forests by themselves. I was not thinking of adults and the consequences of taking risks or chances, Lana.

    • One of my favorite poems is William Blake’s Tyger which is so intense. I was reading it long before college when a professor broke it down in class. Lit was always so interesting for me. I still read this poem and enjoy the sound of it, when read in the right meter, it seems to be like the blacksmith hammering. Thanks Robin 🙂

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