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Through the Window

Mesh wire laced windows

with pulley closures

like Popeye the Sailor Man

rigged them up

sun streaming on the gym floor

basketball goals sans nets

inner city school in a town

that doesn’t know it’s a city

disconnected masses

someone asks

“Howya doin’ Miss?”

if they slip by

they’ll wander the dungeons

of this old school

linger in its haunted auditorium

spirits leftover from the 1920s

are we here the sum total

of its morter and brick?

living off the glorified past

of its now defunct alumni

no one here drives those

oak-lined streets now

glimpse through the spruce hedge

that deflects the wind

see a real life hustle outside

every year closes out the former

as decades carve themselves

upon stone memorbilia

and those that remain

climb the fracture-laden cracked steps

meeting the struggle

transcending time



11 thoughts on “Through the Window

  1. I like the details which are not nostalgic just description until the end, Lana. There is a tone of wistfulness, in the chosen “fractured-laden cracked steps” and “meeting the struggle transcending time.” I tend to “over-sentimentalize.” Happy Hump day tomorrow πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Robin. The melancholy follows me quite a bit. There is an over whelming need there, that is difficult to meet, maybe not impossible, but as a famous politician once said…”It takes a village…”

      • I understand some feelings of melsncholy. I get this way as winter sets in. I force myself to get out in the weather, Lana. Once I get fresh air and stop shivering, I start to feel better. Otherwise, I take comfort in a book or movie. I hope to not cocoon too much or be a couch potato! πŸ™‚

  2. Childhood hopes and dreams languishing in their old school dungeons. And kids not realising how how great they (the town/city line) and Popeye’s riggin. Tremendous as ever LT.

    • Thanks again, Phil. We have a school that was built in 1899. It has many nooks and crannies, and it is actually supposed to be haunted. I am there quite a bit, and when I’m there, my imagination wanders the halls….

  3. Oh I’m not going to stumble across a school themed horror story on my travels around your blog am I? Ooh err, thanks for the warning. Daylight reading in company from now on πŸ™‚

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