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I say, let me be your ghostwriter

as tragedy

fills your eyes

illuminated liaison

has brought us here

the Writer of Ghosts

and the vagabond

We inconceivably dream

as mists float

over souls and the soul-less

and we veer toward

the unseen

I see that you have

cut your heart

on the edge of the night

where the burning tiger

also cut his teeth

You look to the

arranger of words

to finish Act One

but perhaps within the chapter

or outside the tome

the vagabond will be free

to move within

the concentric circles of life

and adjust the angles of stage lights

and the ghostwriter

can craft a plot

that echoes

through the ages

32 thoughts on “Ghostwriter

  1. The cut your heart on the edge of night and the tiger line were gorgeous images, Lana. You have such a lyrical way of expressing yourself and building (dare I say “burning?”) imagery into our minds. . . hugs xo

  2. Love this, like liaisons in parallel universes working together to write and produce a story that will echo into eternity. The line about cutting your heart on the edge of night was genius… gives me the shivers. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much, Joan. I was thinking the other day that I needed someone to write something for me as I was feeling a bit uninspired. Sometimes something good will come along, other times it is just words on paper…

  3. Thanks for all the favorable feedback about Issue 6 of Panoply. We’re glad you enjoyed the fine work and appreciate your affirmation. FYI, we’ll be posting a chap book review in about 10 days, then we’ll start our Issue 6 Editors’ Choices series the following week. – Jeff S., Editor-in-Chief

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