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Looking Homeward

As Thomas said,

“Look homeward, angel”

and every now and then

I run along the

arroyos and narrow paths

of an earlier time.

Sometimes meeting myself

halfway in

sometimes not.

Noticing the changes

in windswept tides.

Still seeing

those original bones

pulled over

the truth and past

drowning in

yesteryear’s music

knowing fully

that one can’t go home again

but knowing still

it’s always there

off the beaten path.


Image Courtesy of Pixabay


32 thoughts on “Looking Homeward

  1. Oh, you took me right down that arroyo with you as you met yourself! Excellent images created in words! I can relate to this as when I go home again I see the ghosts all around even though I know I really can’t go home again to live there. Almost a longing though…to run again along those paths.

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