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Under the Street Lights – Miracle Challenge

( Miracle Challenge – Week 8 #4 – Under the Street Lights Under the street lights sometimes lovers say goodbyes and lonely ones look to night skies sometimes the misplaced meet there under that glow seeking redemption far from daylight’s roar. And in those moments beneath scattered light life’s drifters decide if they are lucky … Continue reading

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After Sunset – Miracle Challenge

After sunset when evening shadows begin inching toward dark in dusky, amethyst hues the flames of a burning sun diminishing, cosmic splendor is born anew as twilight claims the pivotal hour before Nightfall dons her sultry evening gown. Once burnished hands stretch upward one rung nearer to starry surprise in velvet skies as the Moon … Continue reading

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Invisible Girl – Miracle Challenge

Having lost myself between the pages of this book. I dissolve as if sprinkled by invisibility perfume. Into thin air, utopia finds me mellow. I became the perfect autumn day, windswept with leaves and promise. If only the creep across the way would stop gawking. Continue reading