The Tan Man

The tan man

from Violent Shadow Magazine

writes in hieroglyphics

and speaks in the glib tongue

of entertainment.

His lean shadow

shimmers in neon

and strikes a black mark

upon the city streets.

The essence of him lingering

long after the night

has captured and sealed the evidence.

Tan man ferrets out

a news story

like a tiger shark

pursuing a solitary blood droplet

the thrill in the hunt

discovery tart upon his lips.

Violent Shadow Magazine itself

spun off the transcribed clues

of an old Dick Tracy treatise

casting its headlines out

infused in fluorescent light.

Tan Man clamoring loudly

feeding us the truth

dipped in glittered grime.



20 thoughts on “The Tan Man

  1. oh, I know this isn’t about me. I’m anything but tanned after this long winter here. I’d go to the beach but I’m afraid the kids would try to roll me into the ocean.

  2. Absolutely love it, don’t know what goes in your brain 🙂

    would love it if you wrote a poem on the comments section on my website, https:penableme.wordpress.com and then your name beneath it for inspiration for my readers. I would be very grateful and glad if my readers could see your amazing work.

    from, Midnightlion, head of Penable

  3. So wonderful to read you again, Lana! I was browsing through old posts and saw a comment from you and wondered, “Hey, how did we lose touch?” I hope you’re doing well and weathering this virus storm without too much difficulty.

    • Hello Diana! It is very good to hear from you, my friend. Well, the deal is, I work so much now, and for the past two years, that I rarely have time to blog anymore, but every now and then, I can get something posted. I try not to be discouraged, and am just thankful that I can log on when I can. I do so miss reading everyone’s wonderful work and sharing on this platform. So far, I’m weathering the storm, and I likewise hope that you and your family are doing well. One of my schools is on hiatus for awhile, so I’m hoping to post some positive messages (rather than my dark poetry) to try to help others and maybe spread some hope. Take care my friend, I’ll pop by soon. Much love!

      • Life’s been pretty hectic over here too (I’ve been caring for my elderly parents and that’s taken priority). So need to rush over here, it was just nice to see your name and find a post and connect. It is a scary time, but fortunately there are reminders everywhere of kindness and beauty. Happy Writing!

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