I saw this beauteous hour

when the sun burst through with wild abandon

merciful and golden

on a day when anything seemed possible

after the tortuous night

belching wind gales,

a night so dark, even the swallows refused to fly

we came hither from the madness

after night took a scalpel to the sky

and the fear that shattered us drove us

halfway between a plea and a prayer

the history of it all

traced in words of indigo and sorrow

Now this,

the sun at last

great, glimmering star

glowing through the first buds

of an old, hickory tree

who had long thought

its best days were behind

But this,

as it is now

emerging from

the wind-moaned sadness of it all

a promise unfurled in green leaves and twigs

in the shallow beating rhythm of dove wings

spring comes again

even with its beauty

even with its pain

it comes and says to us

as our ears tune to heed

the amazing call of wildness

it says

it is okay now

trust still for awhile

open your bitter heart

forgive the sentence of the Ages


29 thoughts on “Dawning

  1. Beautiful words, how darkness is vanquished by light, how spring revives the old hickory tree with “a promise unfurled in green leaves and twigs.” Spring is here in Ohio, crocus and daffodil and tulip, oh my! 🙂

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