I escaped

with tiny, shimmering coins

stuffed in my pockets

finally running free

with you and Mad Desire.

I was only one step ahead

of Disaster

gleefully skipping

into midnight madness

and twinkling lights

in downtown trees.

The melodic music

vibrating off thin air

in the syrupy night shadows.

I warned you about

the hot hand of revenge

the need to minuet dance

even with uncertain steps.

We might rather have been

mixed in

with the piano bar folks

drunk on lyrics and static,

sophisticated noise

singing Shangri-la.

But we kept burning

through those nights

like renegade warriors

random and loose

the sense of it all

scorching my empty heart

but you, you never knew

what delirious truly was.


12 thoughts on “Delirious

  1. Great reading, Lana! It was fun to hear your words, in your voice. The poem reminded me of being young, skipping gleefully, one step ahead of disaster, so naive, not knowing what delirious truly was. So many great lines here. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Joan. It was straight out of the 1980s for sure! I know it says it is me reading it, but it isn’t, lol. The poetry festival picked a few at random to read. I wrote this one a few years ago before I moved even closer to disaster, haha!

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