The snow cascades from

Puffy gray clouds

Shrouding over

The softly spun ice

Drifting out ceaselessly

These quiet frozen streets

Become big and furry

Wapping massive snow catching paws

Around the four corners of the house

Smacking its chops

Upon the minutes

The deep-set eyes resting

On the view of a chilly eve

Its muzzle

Inhales the whole of winter

Fresh from napping

Now awake and hunting

Ready to pounce

Upon a row

Of frozen icicles

That are hanging out

In rigid frost duty

Polar bear winter




18 thoughts on “Wintertide

  1. I love the extended metaphor of winter as a creature, wapping paws, smacking chops… “Its muzzle inhaling the whole of winter” was a particularly vivid image. Did the Polar Vortex bring snow that far south? Holy Cow! Or maybe Holy Polar Bear! would be more fitting. Stay warm. March is on the way. πŸ™‚

    • No, in reality, we haven’t had much winter. But of course, if we have just a little bit, we are gonna whine about it! We have ice in the forecast for tonight, and quite possibly for us, that might be the last of it. Holy Polar Bear for sure! Thank you so much, Joan. You stay warm as well. πŸ˜€

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