A Winter Path

Always something amiss

blue frost sweeping the edge

of a hard north wind

An open wound

Festers in the flutter of consciousness

a patient soul smothered in dark ashes

Slumbering in discontent sleep

On a path spanned

by the assault of seasons

time dated by carbon

On a trail of jagged footprints

a tortured traveler

Sets afoot

in a field of solitude amongst

allotments lined with marble markers

the words now fade to charcoal

That marked the haunted plains

sprinkled over with gold and crimson

discarded leaves drift between spaces

as time unwraps the tragedy

where one day the flowers

will fold their sorrowful Β blooms

in sweet surrender




25 thoughts on “A Winter Path

  1. I get a sense of overwhelming sadness and dismay as you trudge through the cemetery in winter. Although some of it could be my dog walk through deep snow this morning… I walked in my husband’s slipstream, stepping where he stepped. “On a trail of jagged footprints / a tortured traveler / Sets afoot / (braving) the edge /of a hard north wind.” Hope things brighten up in your little corner of the world, Lana. XXX, JustJoan

    • Lots of dismay in this cold, winter poem. Sometimes the “I” is me and sometimes the “I” is someone else that I imagine. In this case, it is a mixture of both. I’m so not a winter person perhaps because my sun sign is Leo. I also like orange, but I don’t know if that means anything or not, LOL. It’s a bit ridiculous as I live in a place where we really don’t have winter compared with the rest of the country. It can get really bitter, cold, icy, etc., but usually only last about 3 days or so, then we might have a week or more of “spring” until the next cold front blows in. Careful walking in the slushy snow.

  2. You captured the darkness of winter and evoked a real sadness. Thankfully the sun is out here today but it is not that cold or I would be feeling down! I am ready for spring already. I friend who lives south of San Antonio posted photos of bluebonnets beginning to come up near him. Maybe the wildflowers will be abundant this year.

    • Oh wow, bluebonnets already! Those are so beautiful, those big open fields of bluebonnets. I had being without sun 3 or 4 days in a row, like you, I really need it. I hope it is a spectacular year for wildflowers!

  3. Winter has gently unfolded itself here, snowdrops and some hardy daffodils have made an early appearance…your title caught my imagination and your words evoked a sweet sadness…a lovely poem to read on a winter’s morn!

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