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Entreaty to the Sea

When your grandmother

decided for care and comfort

and laid a string of pearls

across an ocean

it’s open depths

yawning the unknown

a depth you could not follow

So you said your prayers

beneath cerulean heavens

and bribed the Norse god of independence

to gather the shards

of your broken soul

After a while,

you stopped seeking her

behind half-closed doors

beyond dimly lit corridors

where patterns in the rug

became the songs of mystics

Then you implored

the enchanted air

to carry the hymns of loss

so that her ears would know

the weighty sound

of your sunken grief

and still how you miss

the image of her face

sweetly carved

by the haunting wind

upon the rocks


48 thoughts on “Entreaty to the Sea

    • Thanks so much, Jo. This poem was inspired by the passing of Mrs. Bush. When I first learned she was gravely ill, I read a comment by one of her granddaughters, and I could certainly identify with those feelings. I always thought quite fondly of Ms. Bush and her pearls. xx

  1. So glad to read this today, Lana. Another special person in my life has passed away unexpectedly. It will take a while before I stop looking for him in his old haunts, but I’m comforted to know that day is coming. Thanks for sharing that bit of peace. πŸ™‚

      • Thanks, Lana. It was Conrad this time, the fearless leader of our poetry group. He got in a car wreck, broke his neck, died in hospice 6 days later. He was healthy for 91, it was completely unexpected. 😦

      • Oh, Joan I’m so sorry. How unexpected and tragic. Situations like this only serve to remind us how thin the line of mortality is. At some point, maybe you can take your beautiful gift of poetry and honor him with your words. xoxo

  2. This is gorgeous, Lana, as is all your writing. I needed something to reblog while I’m away… so I headed over here, of course, knowing that I’d find just what I was looking for – stunningly beautiful words.

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  4. So beautiful and moving, Lana! I was just thinking of my grandmother the other day and how much I miss her, your words echo my feelings perfectly. ❀

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