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In July

In mid-July

the heat reverberates

makes the thought of comfort


my footprints trail

the thick blades

of St. Augustine grass

the smell of

Confederate Jasmine

heady and heavy

Around the porch corner

I’ll meet your memory

framed by spilling trumpet vines

caressing the painful ecstasy

of slow loss

These summer paths

the trajectory of earth

on its methodical orbit

thrumming away the years

murmuring the secrets

of a love lost

in the heat of evening time

Swelter permeates

the screen porch

alone in the quiet heat

I sift through

the shed blossoms

jewels tossed

from the Pink Frost crape myrtle

and the melancholy cast

from your last glance

as you headed down

the porch steps

into an evening

swallowed by

the waning moon


28 thoughts on “In July

  1. Love the sensual quality of this piece, the jeweled colors, the melancholy quiet, the scent of jasmine, the feel of the sweltering heat and the sturdy grass under your feet. My favorite lines were these: “I’ll meet your memory / framed by spilling trumpet vines / caressing the painful ecstasy (nice oxymoron!) / of slow loss.” The very picture of how someone dear slips away, bit by bit. I can relate. Thanks, Lana, this is beautiful. 🙂

  2. This is wonderful, Lana, though melancholy. I think we all reach a certain age where a scent or sound or vision transports us back to another time. I love the lines: Around the porch corner / I’ll meet your memory. That’s it exactly.

  3. I’m with Diana on the melancholy of this thought provoking and reflective poem Lana – words within the words. Great pick for a song too! 🙂 xx

  4. I’m reading this in the “heat” of California (we complain about anything not 70 degrees) but this sounds so idyllic and nice. Makes me wish I had a nice porch and a pitcher of lemonade.

  5. Wistful and beautiful, Lana! A combination that never fails to fascinate. July was an incredibly hot month this year, what with the heatwave in Europe. I spent it complaining and gasping for fresh air, totally not the things one would write about – lol! 😂

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