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I stepped into

a cove of time

at the edge of

a neighborhood

where down the street

an old lady sang

the finale of her


the sky hung close

and whispered

wayward secrets

in this place

of ruins and relics

prompting me

to disbelieve

the promises of architecture

Sure, you can go inside

and search the halls

but whom you seek

left long ago

she made a road

through transparent air

and found herself

far from there


19 thoughts on “Gone

  1. Lots of language love here, Lana. “A cove of time” where she “sang the finale of her daydreams” and “the sky hung close” and “she made a road through transparent air.” Sounds like the path to finding your inner self. You follow it but never end up quite where you thought you were going. 🙂

      • Omgggggggggg Lana. I don’t envy you! It’s a late flu and quite potent! I hope you don’t have the painful bones that come along with it, or the horrendous cough??????? 😦 ❤

  2. So beautiful, Lana! I’m in exactly the same lines in love Joan has highlighted! 😄
    Hope you’re feeling better already and that the flu is gone by now! Hugs! Xoxoxo 💕

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