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The Owl Factory

I thought I would fit in

at the Owl Factory

assembling the multi-colored

felt owls

matching their personalities

to beady sets of eyes

even the creepy guy

next to me

wasn’t much of a bother

at first…

his smirking critiques

fell off my sallow skin

as if it were waterproof

“Owls aren’t that great, you know

birds of prey

kill small animals

pink flamingos, now that’s where

you want to be

oh look, your eye

is just hanging there….”

He couldn’t shut up

I was hoping they would move him

to crows

but I knew

he wasn’t smart enough

for black birds.

I wanted to stay at my post

knee deep in multi-colored

owl parts

“Really?” Creep said.

“There’s no retirement

or health insurance

in bird décor

so truly

the best hope

of moving past places

of sirens and city grumble

is to grab hold

of the pink flamingos

and maybe

headquarters will consider you

for marketing.”

37 thoughts on “The Owl Factory

    • Thanks, Jo! I’ll give you a glimpse into what might have inspired this one: I was making reward systems for young kids I teach. When they participate and do well, they “earn” something. I was going to make owls that sit in a tree. Woohoo, you get one owl in the tree! I found these felt kits at Wally World where the parts needed to be glued together including the little beady eyes. I was attempting to accomplish this with plain old glue (like the directions said). Of course, the regular glue didn’t hold. I was working one afternoon as my spouse was sitting next to me. He knows everything, lol, which helps, right? Well, next thing you know, the Creep was born. Then I thought of factories. Then I thought of women working in factories in the Days of Yore, and even today which is also probably not a cup of tea. 😀

  1. Hehe! I have a little owl with one bigger eye than the other and it looks like someone made a mistake in the owl factory! Lol! But to be honest I rather love it. 😊Much love and keep writing and blogging, Lana! xoxo

    • That just goes to show that owls are adorable and especially when they have little quirks. I was so happy to bring life at the Owl Factory to light for people, LOL. Thank you so much, Sarah for your kind words and support. xoxo

  2. Hi Lana, been a while. You won’t be making chickens, will you? Since Owls steal chickens and ate them, you may not want trouble in your owl factory. Well please check my last post at mine, you have won a GIVE-AWAY and waiting for your address to post them to you. I loved your Owl poem, very funny!

  3. The owl factory is great, but your character sketch of the creep was A#1. Smirking, not smart enough to assemble black birds, kind of a know-it-all, and what is his fascination with those tacky pink flamingoes? It sounds like the kind of guy who would accuse TSA of stealing his monkey pajamas. Hee hee. 🙂

    • Oh Joan, you are such an astute reader, he IS definitely the type of guy who would accuse the TSA of stealing monkey pajamas, haha. I may have invented a new character with The Creep, lol. Stay tuned 😀

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  5. There is a wonderful story tucked into your poem, your words transported me and I laughed out loud at the Creep not being able to handle the blackbirds! I’m so glad I popped over from Diana’s lovely blog…

  6. I came to your blog through Diana’s and love this poem! So funny and imaginative. My favorite: “I was hoping they would move him to crows but I knew he wasn’t smart enough for black birds.” I saw a PBS documentary on crows and they are smarter than monkeys!

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