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Haunted Hill House

Listen closely

I’ll tell you this

about the town

where ghosts live

From the once grand hotel

to a house

secluded on a hill

you can hear the rusty

bells and spurs

of bygone western lore

walking upon the crunch

of this frost-kissed grass


They know you’re here now

on this silken afternoon

the haze gathers

at the foot of distant hillsides

across the grumbling bramble

where cows hold congress

around pillars of concrete bridges

that straddle Cowhouse Creek

The township of

Mineral Wells

spills from the history books

presenting the present

for ghosting

its plunging hills

soaring in mystery

Outside Hill House

all is quiet

no ghosts peaking from

the slender windows


but wait until night

another story, that is

Here’s your waiver to sign

Not responsible for

physical or emotional harm

the river gurgles politely

leaving you to believe

in the sane and calm

but after one night

inside the house on the hill

let’s see how you fare

bolting out at first light

grasping thin air

grappling with your own soul

peaking humbly about

beneath those blue Texas skies.


I am taking a step back from my previous declaration of leaving the world of writing and blogging.  Instead, I’m going to call it a “hiatus.”  I will have to cut back on my schedule because of my other schedule, haha, the one that entails me to complete 130 hours of online in-service for my teaching credentials and random things of that nature.  It seems that we do live in such an overwhelming world these days when people have so many social outlets that they must manage, but I suppose in the end we can make it happen.  Of course, I always intended to continue dropping by and reading many of the blogs I follow, and my very good friend Joan pointed out to me that that is still blogging. It really does bother me, and Joan also, that the Gods of Published Literary Parables refuse to consider work that has appeared on blogs and saying that it is already published. Very unfair indeed.


33 thoughts on “Haunted Hill House

  1. Much to love here, Lana. How the ordinary turns bone-chilling in the right light, under the right circumstances. My favorite parts were “rusty / bells and spurs” and the use of the word “congress.” Writing is a very solitary pursuit. Blogging is different, you are part of a supportive writing community. That said, it’s hard to stay on the sidelines for long. WP posts being considered “published” is unfair. Most magazines, journals, and contests accept ONLY unpublished work. After submission, your work might be stuck in limbo for 6-12 months. I want to share my best work here, but if I do, this is as far as it will ever go. 😦 Write here when and if you want, Lana. You’ll remain on my radar.

  2. I’m listening… and I’ll be quiet 😉 A great piece, Lana! Lovely to see you writing here. 😃 Glad you are during your spare time anyway. All the best in your decisions. Much love.

  3. OMG! I’m not sure what’s crawling overy skin after reading your creepy poem still counts as goosebumps! 😂 So glad I read it now and not before I go to bed!
    And I’m even more glad to hear that you’ve decided not to break for good with us but do this hiatus instead. Will keep checking on you and hope life will grant you some time to continue writing! Much love! ❤

  4. Hi Lana, been some time. Well as far as I have read somewhere over the net that if you want to publish some works that have been published on blogs, you can do so published the same work again by only changing a few words or one two phrases in your writings, then you should be able to publish it again anywhere you want to.

    A wonderful scary poem, I enjoyed reading it.

    Have a good Sunday!

  5. Oh wow this is awesome! I have a couple posts about haunted places and motivation and writers block if you’re looking for some tips 😉 I hope you can check them out!

  6. L.T. I haven’t seen you for awhile. I missed this beautiful write, WP often unfollows my favorite writers without my permission. I saw you today, I hope you will be writing again very soon.

    • Awe, thank you Holly. WP does that to me also, no problem. I got a bit overwhelmed then also became discouraged. I am accomplishing some things, and one thing I’ve noticed is that without the blog, I stop writing altogether. No writing = no growing, so I do need to get back to it. I love your beautiful poems; they transport me to another world. xoxo

      • Thank you L.T. I understand completely the feeling of being overwhelmed with it all, and the inevitable loss of the desire to write and then , boom, it comes roaring back and we must give in to it or be stifled. xoxo

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