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Things I Could Tell You

I could tell you

about how the stadium lights

bounce like clear, elusive diamonds

off the green turf

or how the whole town

gathers at the goal post

during winning seasons

or even about how

every boy dreams

to run the patterns

of their sky-bound heroes

I could tell you

about how the kid

down the street

practices his trumpet

in fall’s golden hours

the upstairs windows open to the

brisk, afternoon air

and that the trumpet notes

sometimes mingle

with the church’s evening bells

calling the faithful

that somewhere out on the

practice fields

the marching band

masters their circle drills

and horn slides

the drum majorette

puckering her

candy apple

lip-glossed lips

in even counts

I could even tell you

how the town sent

a Quarterback to

Ohio State

and how he

shrugs it off

says he is

“a small town cat”

keeping his quick feet


keeping dreams alive

for the kids

who watch from a distance

play and maneuver

upon these emerald fields

of dreams.

I just realized that I have gone all season long without a football post, and I had to fix that. Hats off to the extraordinary J.T. Barrett for his final, outstanding game with Ohio State and for being such a fine representative of his hometown. The other day, I received notice of my four years anniversary of blogging on WordPress. I think maybe it has been four years too much. I am thinking that I will be hanging up my creative writing shoes, although I may move on to something else like writing about current events or pies. I’m not sure. The timing isn’t exactly ideal, as I am due to have some poetry published (the contract is in the mail, LOL), and I also have a book coming out. I will, undoubtedly, still have a few poems to share and maybe a couple of obligatory book posts because of the publisher before I archive my notebooks. I am so thankful to have made such good blogging friends on this platform, and I do appreciate the wonderful support for my writing.

46 thoughts on “Things I Could Tell You

  1. First… the poem is lovely, Lana. You capture all those small-town game-day images with such magic, and I love the way its linked to dreams, including those of a real small town hero making it big. I don’t even care for football and this made me want to cheer.
    Second… what??? Leaving?? Oh no. But oh yes. If you decide to leave blogging, I will certainly miss you. But honestly, life is way more than sitting in front of a screen, and though it is part of the journey, it shouldn’t be the whole thing… too much living left to do, too many adventures and challenges to take on, too much to learn and experience. We only get this one life, so enjoy it wherever it takes you. ❤

    • Thanks so much, Diana. Football is such a big deal in Texas, and I think people are surprised to learn that it’s much more than a game. So I like to tell them, ha ha. Thanks also for your gracious comment and support. I am probably just going to work and back again. I am not happy with my writing, but who knows, maybe a while from now I’ll manage to take it up again. xoxo

  2. A beautiful poem, Lana, great imagery and detail, just the way I remember HS football games. My friend Rhonda was “the drum majorette / puckering her / candy apple / lip-glossed lips.” I’ll miss you here on WP more than you know, but it sounds like you’ve got a lot of other irons in the fire. Current events and pies are nice, however, I’m hoping for a spy novel starring Aunt Agnes. Do keep in touch and stop by JustJoan42 now and then. 🙂

      • That would be wild, for us to both end up in New York somehow… me reading my poetry, and you waving a kiwi pie. But I’ll keep my eyes open, just on the off chance. I’ll miss you around WP, but I understand. Blogging, by virtue (or vice) of counting as “published,” diverts a lot of time and energy from bigger projects our hearts are calling us to do. I may soon join you on the bench, my friend. 🙂

      • It is a big job, Joan. I absolutely hate the rule that blog posts count as “published.” It is very unfair to us. I’m going to call it a hiatus instead of quitting. I’ll post about it later. So maybe don’t sit on the bench the entire time, but figure a balance. I also still plan on reading blog posts, so don’t think you’ll get rid of me that easy 😀

      • I tried a “hiatus” when I hit my 1-year blog-o-versary… it lasted all of 3 weeks. I think there are meetings for people trying to quit… “Hi, I’m Joan, and I’m a blog-o-holic.” Continuing to read other people’s blogs just fuels the desire to post, I’m afraid, but if you want to take your chances, I’ll be here a while longer and would welcome your comments. I think only posts from blogs with a huge following (6 figures?) should count as “published.” It’s a shame that so many awesome posts will live and die here. Whoever made that rule should get a kiwi pie in the face. 🙂

      • There probably does need to be a Blogging Support Group, ha ha. The Rule Makers need a good kick says Aunt Agnes, but she doesn’t want to waste a good pie on them. I think I could do with reading about 5 blogs or so. I’ll try and see how it goes. 😀

  3. Way to go, Barrett. His game was outstanding, a pleasure to watch. And, thank you Lana for this poem straight from the heart. I’m sorry to hear that you may be leaving the blogging community. Best to you ahead in your writing! 🙂

  4. Thanks for being so honest in sharing this, Lana. ♥️ Your future and interest comes first… I’ll miss you and all your lovely writing! I wish you all the very best in what you decide to do and I do appreciate your friendship and support. Much love and Hugs. Take care and best wishes always. Xxxx

  5. Domer and I were in that marching band, Lana, so these football and music images resonate loud and clear. I’m sorry to hear you’re thinking of leaving the blogging community. I know sometimes it can feel as if it requires much more time than anyone has available to post, read, and comment, but your publisher is going to want you to do something social (and what’s better than blogging to get that fickle Muse to hang around?!?) Anyway, whatever you decide, know your friends will still love and miss you. Do drop by my little home once in a while and let me know how you’re doing, ‘k?

    • There is nothing like a high school band. It is so great that both you and your son were part of one. Yes, I’m keeping quite and not telling my publisher that I’m done with writing, ha ha. I’ll definitely pop in and see what’s up from time to time. Take care and stay warm!

  6. Lana, yet again you bring alive an alien to me environment. I can feel the atmosphere of the game, the boy, his music playing…I’d even be tempted to watch some american football.

    What???? You’re thinking of leaving? Permanently? I already feel bereft. I totally understand that it can bet too much and be time-consuming…can you not step back a bit, write less often? Lana, I would miss you and your writing…do let us know what you decide. I hope you can strike a balance…hugs xxxx

    • American football is something, especially in the South. I do like how we support the kids and wish we had such support for all they do. Yes, at this time, I’m hanging up my writing shoes. It may be that I will come back to it at some point, I’m not sure. I will keep the blog up so that I can drop in on my favorite friends from time to time. Thanks for your kind words and support, Annika. Much love. xoxo

  7. Loved the football poem. Don’t love you leaving. Thrilled about you publishing a book. I’ve been threatening a blogging break for 4 years and never took one – including while on vacation. I’m going to take a real one next month. But I think you need a time out and will miss it and come right back, lol. 🙂 ❤

    • Thank you so much, my friend. I think I am going to backtrack and call it a hiatus. It is hard to manage sometimes, books, writing, blogs, social media, work, household stuff, pets, then trying to find some free time. I just realized though that most of my real friends are virtual friends, LOL.

      • You have just said what I say all the time. Blogging is addictive, I feel I don’t want to miss anything, but I really am missing a lot of ‘real life living’ tied to a computer. We all need a break, and I’ve never really taken one in 5 years even through vacations! This time is different. I’m going to relax, read and write freely while on the beach for 2 months and check out the ‘odd’ blog on a quiet evening but not going to spend the usual 3-4 hours a night reading blogs as I always do. Cheers to a timeout! And glad it will only be a hiatus for you . 🙂 xx

      • Good for you too, Debby. It truly is time- consuming not only writing posts but keeping up with so many bloggers that we follow. I’m definitely going to take it down a bit and just do what I can. I hope you have a fabulous and inspiring vacation, and I’m also glad my sanity has returned somewhat so that I can still be active some on WP. xoxo

      • Well I’m glad you’re sanity is returning. Mine is slipping away LOL. Just don’t go too far. Take a break when you need it,. Lol listen to the pot calling the kettle here. But I am going to try to revamp my working life when I return. 🙂 xxxx

  8. I know I should say something about your poem but I just can’t get my head around that you might be leaving! It feels so wrong and if I were younger (about 3 decades or so) I would definitely throw a tantrum! I’m so not good at keeping a stiff upper lip but for your sake I will try to leave it at this and just wish you so, so well, dearest Lana! Wherever your way leads you, whatever you do I wish you luck and strength! Please don’t hang up those creative writing shoes for good – you don’t have to share them with us but I would be so sad to know that you were not doing what you’re so good at. And please keep in touch at least via Facebook, I know I’m terribly bad at FB but for you I would try to better myself!! Lots of love, dearest friend! xxxxxxxx

    • Oh Sarah, you are so incredibly sweet and wonderful. I appreciate your kind words more than you will ever know. I must report, that since I posted that, I have had a sane moment, and I have decided to call it a “hiatus,” instead of a resignation. As I was joking with another blogger, I told her that most of my friends are virtual now, ha ha. I think it is true, though. I would terribly miss corresponding with such wonderful and talented people. I may not be online as much as I used to, at least for awhile, but I don’t think I can quit. Thanks again, I send you lots of love, dear, dear friend. I’m not good on Facebook, either, LOL. hugs xxxx

      • Oh Lana, I am so relieved to hear that! Of course, blogging is meant to be fun and not a chore, and you have to limit your time accordingly so you can do whatever else occupies your mind as well. There are many bloggers who only blog once in a month or even less and they still are very successful at it. So don´t feel pressured to post too often. I have to admit that posting once a week is already tough for me but I try to keep it. And there´s always the possibility to repost some of your earlier writings, you know? 😉

        And I actually think that most of my friends are virtual nowadays too! 😀 That doesn’t make them less valuable though, but sometimes it would be nice to meet for a cuppa and a cake. 🙂
        Sending you lots of love! Hugs! xxxxxxxx ❤

  9. Hey Lana your poem was very good. I cannot believe that you are leaving blogging. Who knows??? Might be we will all come to a day where we will realise that we should slow down at blogging. But if you do stop, all I can wish you is good luck and I will miss you so much. Who will make us laugh!!!!! Tut tut……But don’t forget to come back and check upon us when you have some time. Take care of yourself! Been loving you too much!

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