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you are

at once hot-handed

shifting gears in your

blustery boots

November was singing

like a spoiled canary

prodding us

away from

sunny windows

threatening us

with an awkward

northerly chill

this blatant wind

skulking and snatching

tossing up

a hissy fit

passing the mandate

on to winter

37 thoughts on “Autumn

    • Yes they do, they pack quite a punch, ha ha. It just now became cold her. Yesterday it was almost 50 degrees and we were all telling the kids to stay inside and wait for the bus because it was so cold, LOL. 😀

  1. I love your poem, Lana capturing the month perfectly… a great use of verbs here to capture this petulant month, skulking, snatching, prodding! November still seems to be lurking around here, windy, moody…I look forward to real winter frosts and perhaps some snow!😀

  2. I can picture Autumn in my mind “hot-handed… in his blustery boots… tossing up a hissy fit and passing the mandate on to winter.” We’re in that mode now, 20 degrees at night, 60 by afternoon, blatant wind biting at our cheeks, snow threatening. Well done, Lana. 🙂

  3. and that singer November brought us to Christmas seasons that we make lists for everything that is about to unfold. Oh November, it is really a month of remembrance, not only for the departed but November is a character month in the calendar of the year. Thank you for your cute poem, it was short and very pretty!

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