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I gave you

butterflies and

a freedom compass

a sure route to

the North Star

a desert of sugared sands

to sweeten the fallout

from the bitter winds

We journeyed to find

shades of truth

beyond finite borders

and inkblot pages

unveiling the recipe

for disappearance

lodged inside

the Bermuda triangle

Then glided serenely

on the vertices

spinning there

on the golden strings

of fantasy.

28 thoughts on “Wanderlust

  1. Lana, a beautiful, slightly whimsical, poem that cheered my heart! The line of :

    ‘We journeyed to find

    shades of truth

    beyond finite borders’

    Struck me particularly – it’s a miraculous moment when you feel you’ve reached those truths …beyond actual words..

    Ahh..I love this song and the accompanying video was magical and dreamy…a lovey start to my Monday morning. Hugs xx

    • Well thanks so much, Annika. I’m glad it cheered you on a Monday morning, sometimes those mornings can be rough. I think it is good to take a mystical journey here and there. Hugs back to you, hope your week is going wonderfully! xo

  2. More than slightly whimsical! Loved so many of the images but “sugared sands” and golden strings of fantasy” stood out. Happy Monday to you! I guess your school is out for the Thanksgiving holidays.

    • Thanks Jo! I’m always up for a fantastical journey 😀 I hope you had a great Monday also. Alas, school is not out. I’m working half day tomorrow, then beginning the cooking process. I also have bookwork to do over the holidays (insert moaning and groaning here), but at least I’m home. I hope you have a terrific week and a wonderful holiday! xx

  3. “we journeyed to find shades of truth” I love it Lana, a very beautiful poem. But I wonder if sugar sands was really sweet or bitter in the end! Thank you for posting, I really loved this poem.

    • Oh Juli, you know, those sugar sands will turn out differently depending on whomever is travelling them, for some people, they may stay sweet, for others, they will turn bitter. It also depends on the journey, a different journey, possibly a different outcome. What a poignant question that you asked to explore different paths. I always enjoy how poetry means different things to different readers. That is exactly what it is supposed to be, an individual experience. Thank you for reading and for your insightful comment, Juli. Have a beautiful week! xx

  4. Your word pictures are amazing, Lana — thank you for sharing these verses! They kind of make me want to pack the car with no destination in mind and hit the road!!

    • Thank you, Debbie for the lovely compliment. I think as creative people that we like to ponder mystical and beautiful journeys. We have to deal with so much of the terrible in this world that it would be nice to escape if only briefly. xx

  5. This is gorgeous, Lana. I love the photo! Looks like the Northern Lights. Great visual words here: the sugared sands, inkblot pages, and spinning vertices. I need to find my freedom compass. 🙂

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