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Dancing with the Sandman – Book Buds


let me hand you

these small words

let them linger

ever so slightly

melting into the soil

never quite becoming

sand castles

a testament to


then add some rhythm

and let the harmony

carry the history

Did you know about book buds?  I didn’t.  These are mini bookmarks with a summary on the back.  I think I like them.  Let me know if you have ordered these for your own work and if you also like them.  Happy reading!



28 thoughts on “Dancing with the Sandman – Book Buds

  1. I love this poem, Lana. How the words small words touch us and we are both changed, yet our separate selves endure. This part “Add some rhythm and let the harmony carry the history” made me think of a ballad, a song that tells a story. I’ve never seen or heard of book buds before, but seems like a cool idea to promote your book. 🙂

    • Thank you, Joan! I love music and connect it to episodes of the past. I guess music triggers memories for a lot of people. The book buds are cool, sorta like mini bookmarks. I’m always happy to learn new things. I hope you have had a super weekend, enjoy your Sunday afternoon!

    • I think you should definitely consider these, Diana. You have such great art for your book covers, and I think they would be nice to have. My publisher just sent them, and I had no idea what she meant by “book buds,” LOL. Now we know, and I thought others out there might want to know about them also. The book is not out yet, I am hoping in about a month. It will be available in both printed and digital formats on Amazon and printed format on Lulu.com. I’m sure I’ll be harping, I mean, um…promoting it when I have a definite date. Thank you so much, and happy writing my friend! 😀

  2. I don’t recall ever hearing of book buds, Lana. Sounds like they could be an interesting way to promote a book though. Be sure to let us know if they work for you!

    • Yeah, these are the first I’ve heard about them. It was my publisher’s idea, she got them for me. I guess it is part of a creative marketing strategy. She has had two Moonbeam Award winners, then there is me, LOL. 😀

  3. Lana, the book buds sounds like a great promotional idea…I imagine an image relevant to the book on the front with the words on the back? Are you having some with your book? How exciting that your nearly ready for publication – exciting times indeed! Can’t wait to read it!! 😀❤️

    • It does sound like quite a good idea. My publisher sent me those. They are like short bookmarks (they do have the tassels on the end although you don’t see them in the photo). The book cover is on the front and a summary is on the back. Neat idea for sure. Exciting times for sure, but as you know, work is lurking at every corner, ha ha. Thank you again, Annika! 😀

  4. Nice to learn that your book will be out soon. I suppose you will give us a shout when to announce that special day. Just cannot wait. I already have “Rose Shield” series by Diana W Peach, I haven’t put my hands on them yet and yours will come out soon, will add it together with the series. oh my days – I have a pile of books to read in 2018. Thank you Lana for letting us know!

    • Thank you so much, Juli. I will be having to talk about the book. Diana is such a wonderful and spellbinding writer. I want so much the time to read one of her books also. I love reading, and wish I had time to read more. It is so difficult though as I teach all day then have chores, pets and writing time at night. Weekends are just a blur. I’m glad you have a good stack of books, it is an excellent way to get through winter and those dreary days!

      • You are not alone in this. Here too, busy with my work at home, and I am happy working from home. But still I don’t get to read a lot now, only at night before I turned off my light. And I also used night time to write, which I am trying to change myself to writing in the daytime more than night time. I hope it will work! Nice to read from you!

      • Oh I know, Juli. There just aren’t enough hours in the day and many of us don’t get enough sleep as it is. We will hang in there and do the best we can. Happy reading and writing my friend! xx

      • Hi Lana, you made a comment at my post. I don’t know what I pressed whilst I was responding to your comment, and I only see something like scam and off your comment was deleted. I realised my fingers slipped from the keyboard and what happened next I just don’t understand.

      • No worries, Juli. I’ve done that before. I call it WordPress Gremlins, lol! I said that I wish you could find a way to solve the stalker, unwanted commenter. I am having that same issue with a weirdo and he also sounds dangerous. I suggested you see if you can contact WordPress since you pay for your site. Mine is a free one, so probably nothing I can do. I just send those comments to spam. Take care now, those crazy people are out there….

      • Yes they are. But I think I will have to pay for a business package cause since you get lots of criterias to work with and I want to make a website for selling stuffs too. Especially you get “IQ Block Countries” at which you can block countries where most scammers are coming from, like West and North Africa, Russia especially, and you can stop attacks at your blog. And I love the unlimited storage space you get with it and lots and lots more. I think it is a fantastic package. But my plans will expire in another 4 month’s time, so I will wait and then take it from there.

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