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These little beauties

homegrown rascals

hang their heads up high

tossing petal smirks

at impending Old Man Winter

They keep summer near

close at hand

voting for eternal spring

the Reaper is nigh

and far to the north

Til then,

they will saunter and linger

as a sad torch singer

breaks into lament

and a Blue Norther blasts

the dewy dreams

of a summer now passed.

This little poem is dedicated to my blogging friends who, like me, love summer and wish to hang onto it.  I am still lucky enough to have my flowers and will really miss them when they are gone.  Until then, I’m sharing some summer and sunshine to all of you!


flower one

37 thoughts on “Defiance

    • Pauline, our winter is a weird one. We have cold fronts that are known as “cold snaps” or “blue northers.” It will get really cold for a few days and then warm up. If it is cold for a week or two at once, then that’s a really long time. Still, it can be brutal. Last winter we had a couple days where the high was 7 degrees. That is Wisconsin cold, and rarely happens here, but it can. I hate winter, but that’s just me. I guess it is summer where you are. Enjoy! 😀

  1. I like your use of opposites in this piece, Lana: beauties/rascals, heads hanging/high, winter/summer, close/far. Also, the offhand rhyming: high/nigh, winter/linger/singer, blasts/passed. Your flowers are gorgeous. Except for one inexplicably still-blooming red geranium, all of my posies fell victim to an early frost. 🙂

    • I’d say that geranium has some attitude! Thanks so much, Joan. My friend Jim who lives further up north asked for a glimpse of my flowers after I mentioned on one of his posts that I still had them. So I wrote a little poem to go with the pics. I sure will miss them when they are gone!

  2. Lana, I’m just pea-green over these beauties (though my inside geraniums are in full bloom!!) Thanks so much for sharing your flowers with those of us looking at a mostly brown world now — of course, we’ll be wishing for brown when the snows start flying, ha!

  3. Summer!!?? What’s that…it’s already beginning to feel like a long-distant memory! I love your glorious flowers and their vibrant colours…yeah, brilliant that the warmth and beauty of the flowers are still with you and thank you for sharing with us…I needed that on a particularly grey morning. I love the poem and had to smile at this line, just brilliant, ‘tossing petal smirks’!! Hope they carry on with those for a while longer for you, Lana. 😀

  4. good evening Lana. Lovely poem – we all want summer to stay forever. Your garden is very pretty. And oooh I love the music, but “summer of 69” is one of my favorite song – and in “summer of 69” I was nowhere to be found on this planet earth, I was still far away hahaha! Nerver mind, I am here now lol!

    • Oh Juli, you are too funny! Yes you are here now, and so am I, and we both like that song. You know, there are quite a few great summer songs, it is hard to pick just one. Yeah, people love their summers for sure. My garden just now is showing the effects of the cooler mornings and it won’t be long until a killing frost comes, but I think that it is okay now because I’m a little tired of watering them, LOL.

      • ooh bless you Lana! You have had the time to see them growing and blooming. They are all so pretty! They will come back again next summer, don’t worry too much about them! Have a wonderful week!

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