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Mr. No Noggin’

The place to be

is not my town

on Halloween

when things go down.

The Perfect Pumpkin Picker, OCD

must leave things just so

and less than hallowed objects

cast eerie light in evening’s glow.

Igor has a way with the ladies

and makes all them feel breathless

but the guy who’s got it goin’ on

is truly downright headless.

He plays his music loud

and dances late to Thriller

as the rumors go

he’s a monstrous, congenial killer.

He’s got a crush on Elvira,

he truly wants a date

but he minds the Children of the Corn

and keeps them way too late.

Not far from here is a crusty ghoul

who nurses a nasty scar

from hanging out, no doubt

where the creepy clowns are.

But in all this melee

up head and shoulders

from the rest

take your hats off

for No Noggin

the fiend who is the best!


36 thoughts on “Mr. No Noggin’

  1. I love the rhymes here (esp the oblique ones like breathless/headless) and the Monster Mash of characters in the melee. Your town must be a wicked place to visit come 31 October! The “Perfect Pumpkin Picker” with OCD would have hated my upstate New York carving technique (otherwise known as frozen-fingered hacking) A very Happy Halloween to you, Lana! 🙂

    • Frozen-fingered hacking, you say?….ha ha! I’ve never had much luck with pumpkins either. As my kids have grown up, I buy those “carved” plastic pumpkins with the light inside. The extra bonus is that they are reusable every year! A very Happy Halloween back to you, Joan! 😀

  2. What a thrilling, chilling, riddling piece of poetry you’ve splattered together, L.T! Truly a pleasure to read. Here is an excerpt from one of my pieces from my eBook of poetry:

    It’s the midnight hour, yet I’m still searchin for the light.
    Seeking a righteous path; peering across dark alleys. No time to be contrite.
    Back pedaling… procrastination weighs a heavy price.
    Hold on tight!
    I’m at a crossroad of sorts. Another day squandered… so at midnight I seek remorse.
    In solitude I dare to pick apart my flaws. Channeling the depths of my deepest thoughts. Wasted talent, loss of ambition. Shameful cliffs…I’m drifting.
    In fact I’ve fallen numerous times. Never afraid to rebound and continue to climb. Twilight conflictions summon moments of reflection. Truth sipped in gulps.
    Tough to swallow but sweet for the soul. Honest critiques with no ill intent, just warning to self.
    Thinking at the midnight hour. Wonder if all you can be is where you are at this instance.
    Since when did when become now? Time passes, moments become memories while the future lies in our presence.
    Satisfied or still striving?

    Thanks again for sharing! I hope you get the chance to follow me:

    • Very nice, CreativeGenes! You have some wonderful, dark imagery here. I like the midnight hour at most times, but it can certainly be a time to be invaded by deeper, more intense thoughts. Thank you so much for visiting, reading, and your very gracious compliment. I write a lot of things, so not every time am I attempting to be funny. Halloween though, is one of my favorite times. Nice connecting on WP, happy weekend to you!

    • It really is fun! It has gotten to be more of a big deal over the years. Many people dress up and go into work, and I see dressed up people out shopping and doing various things. I really don’t go to parties (it will be a work night this time), but I will probably dress up and pose with my dog for a social media photo. My dog just hates it, but he will get over it, ha ha! I’m glad you liked the poem, I love writing Halloween humor (just wish I had more time to do so)…..

      • Oh wow! I would love to see that! There´s Fasching here in Germany where people also dress up but so far I´ve never seen someone going to work with their costumes. It would be funny though! Only kids do wear them the whole day, even at school and it´s always much fun!
        I will cool forward to your photo on Facebook then 😉 And your poor dog! They really hate being dressed up, don´t they? But it always looks so adorable! 😀

  3. lovely poem Lana! And Michael Jackson, am still his fan! but Halloween, hmm, I got my life back from my daughter. It is no longer my thing that Halloween, I don’t celebrate. I remember my daughter many years ago, the following day after going from house to house, she spread all her pennies she got and she told me, “mummy we are rich,” LOL. and another time, one night I was picking meeting her from choir practice at church, it was bonfire night after Halloween, and one dog got lost and she ended up in the church yard. some of us mothers were chatting while waiting for the kids to finish, I grabbed her, I knew the bonfire night scared her lost. I immediately checked her medal in her neck and called the number, it was a man who responded, I said to him, “your dog is with us at church.” gave him the address of the church. and poor thing her daddy came to pick her up and by the time he arrived all the choir kids were out there, keeping the dog safe. And plus they got a bonus from her dad, the children got £100 from him to buy their pizzas for choir practice. They gave the money to their director of music for the following week’s practice. bless their little hearts!

    • What a neat story, Juli! I liked that you took the dog and contacted it’s owner. I know many times pets are “kids” for older people who live alone. How wonderful he gave the kids a bonus and they were all enjoying playing with the dog. Just wonderful. One of the things I like about fall are all the events: church activities, county fairs, haunted houses, parties, fortune telling, etc. It is a fun time of the year for many but I’m sure that like you, there are lots of parents out there who are glad they don’t have to do all that, ha ha 😀

      • Halloween is a fun time when our kids are small. I enjoyed every halloween nights when mine was young. I partied with friends and families. It was great and obviously I was younger. But now that she is 22, herself she would go out with friends on Halloween night. but not mum anymore haha. Mum’s life has changed. bless mothers!

  4. Yeah! A perfectly ghoulish poem and a classic video and song! Reading the comments I can’t believe so many of you saw MJ live – wow!! That must have been one heck of a concert!!

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