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An Evening at Ardley House

The crisp night…


shutters thrown open

courting the cool, night air

Alone in Ardley House

potions of

poison and promise


and intercepted

are the tagged dreams

of death dwellers

those little velvet monsters

they run, Madam, they hide

like cowards

on the outer limits

of disaster

And on that high

floating evening wind

ghosts float through

the windows

and rattle their legends

quickening heartbeats

beckoning sleepwalkers

come hither…


32 thoughts on “An Evening at Ardley House

      • Parts of it – I´ve gots some very nice steam-punk goggles with spikes, a black feather-boa and now am on the look-out for some sturdy boots 😉 And how about your costume? 😀

      • Hahaha! Oh, my! 😀 But to be honest, I would rather go as David Bowie than as Marilyn – all the crazy 80´s make up and clothes! I get dizzy just thinking about it! While when I think of her, almost immediately the picture with her wearing that white billowy dress comes to my mind. But don´t get me wrong – I totally love Marilyn and am so sad that her talent as an actress had been almost constantly pulled down by all those (stupid) men just wanting to stare at her boobs.

  1. Spellbinding, Lana! I bet you loved making your own haunted houses as a kid! Maybe you still do??? These were my favorite lines: “potions of / poison and promise / simmer” and “those little velvet monsters / they run, Madam, they hide.” Also the last line, “Come hither.” Hints of a bygone era, a classy kind of spookiness. Now just don some “Black Satin” lipstick and lie in wait to answer the doorbell with your big bowl full of tricks and treats. 🙂

  2. Yikes!! 😀 I’m scared and spooked reading this in the light of day…just glad it wasn’t late at night! Don’t think I’ll ‘come hither…’ – rather running as fast as possible in the opposite direction! 😀

  3. Well Halloween, though I don’t celebrate it, but I love reading about what everyone is doing or will be doing. But the ghosts thing, eeerrk, I love stories of ghosts, but what if I meet one in real life one day? I always ask this question! I think I wouldn’t even run, since my feet would be frozen by fear. haha

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