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Celestial Episode

This August day

saturated in frost

as the dark


the light

that sultry moon

gliding and giddy

with ravishing charm

skirted briefly

the path of the sun

who dares

blot the massive star

of furnace fame?

skipping through

an intersection

of orbital planes


in the umbral


arms outstretched

seeking totality

shadowed secrets


then lithely

bounce away

pearls from heaven

crown the halo corona

those who meet the sun

full face

blind now

as much of the

human race

41 thoughts on “Celestial Episode

  1. *This* is what I meant by my earlier comment, Lana — it’s so very poetic and free, not at all structured and organized like some of my poems. I suppose there’s a place for both, but for sure yours makes one’s heart soar!

    • Thank you so much, Debbie. Poetry is hard to write, anyone who says otherwise isn’t being realistic. I have always written “poetry” since jr. high, lol. I didn’t seriously concentrate on it; however, until about two years ago when I began to read some of the really talented WordPress poets. I think that writing poetry helps you to write beautiful prose for books and stories because you have to become so attuned to your senses, perception and language. I liked your poem very much, I have been practicing to write more in the different forms, I also think this is a good thing. I do have issues though, the Eclipse poem started out to be more about the flirty moon interfering with the sun, and it turned (a bit political) at the end because I thought of a certain person looking at the eclipse with no glasses and also not caring enough about our climate to take the necessary precautions there, yep – go figure. It also helps to read a lot of good poetry. I love the Best American Poetry site (you can google). On WordPress, some amazing poets include Desert Dweller (I don’t think she blogs anymore?) Tosha Michelle at Everything I Never Told You https://laliterati.com/ Just Joan 42 https://justjoan42.wordpress.com/ House of Heart https://houseofheartweb.wordpress.com/ You might want to check them out. Keep at it, that’s what we all do…practice, practice 😀

      • Great advice — thank you! And stay safe out there. Don’t imagine y’all will see much of Harvey except tons of rain and wind.

      • Thanks for the recommendation, Lana. Beautiful poetry comes in every stripe, free and formed, rhymed or not, imagery, stories, phrases that catch your attention and get stuck in your soul. Love your site, always thought provoking, full of bits that linger in my mind long after reading it. 🙂

  2. I was so hoping you would write something about your eclipse – and you did and the final lines – just stunning! Is this the finest poem I have read from you yet? And the visuals in the video were just what I needed to see to get me back to my easel – so you start my morning with a wake-me-up poem and a get-me-going visual aide. You are a gem! ❤

    • Oh Pauline, you are so kind! I love to think that I can be an inspiration for you. Oh that’s a beautiful video, I don’t think I’ve told you what an incredible Bruce Springsteen fan I am. Thank you so much, I hope you had a wonderful day!

  3. I love the moon, like a celestial child “skipping through / an intersection / of orbital planes / leaning / in the umbral / shadow.” The ending was a terrific surprise. 🙂

    • Thank you, Joan. You know, one of the funny things about poetry is that sometimes it drifts into something else. I was attempting to write about the flirty moon, making the eclipse all about her, but then I thought of a certain, Ahem…., world leader who looked directly at the sun, and I thought about how that group has thrown climate care right out the window, and boom, the ending 😀

  4. Wow! I loved this poem, Lana taking us through the surreal experience of the eclipse – your language is wonderfully cosmic in scope, lyrical and I feel as if I was there! A terrific surprising finale! 😀❤️

  5. Just awesome, Lana! Your words made it all happen here for me where sadly there was no eclipse to be observed. As to the last lines: they are perfectly reflecting what (or rather who?) goes on in the world.
    Hope you´re safe in your corner of Texas? Take care! xxxxxx

    • Thanks Sarah! I wanted to write a poem about a flirty moon who just makes this all about herself, but I couldn’t resist a jab at world leaders who don’t think our climate is worth the effort. We are far from the coast here, so we are safe. I do have kiddos in Houston, though, but they are safe. Much love to you, xo

  6. Thank you Lana, I watched the eclipse, a rare thing that I wouldn’t watch if it wasn’t for some friends who pulled me out somewhere to watch, so I went. When I read about “the dark penetrates the light” yup, I knew you must be telling us how interesting it was. And yes, though I don’t really take any notice of eclipse, this year I gave an interest in it. It was fantastic. Thank you for your lovely poem, very simple and interesting. take care now.

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