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Bicycle Glory

The smell of rubber

even now



shaped into bicycle tires

getting that new bike

riding on seat springs and sunlight

skirting a pathway

to the sun

legs turning to jelly

pumping pedals

flying down Pine Street

and Jr. High too

summer yawning


like a billion burnished promises

gliding along the edge of town

passing Laura Edem’s house

the scorn on her face

bouncing off the sheen

of my hair

flying out unbound

behind me

every street and pathway

the pattern

of that town

found in crevices of memory

shards of an existence

as the everlasting days of summer

fold up neatly

like pressed pansies now

in a worn leather book


23 thoughts on “Bicycle Glory

  1. Oh, I love this as the bicycle rider I once was, tooling around town and owning it! I love the lines “the scorn on her face/ bouncing off the sheen/ of my hair.” And the last lines are sublime, Lana. Gorgeous.

  2. Ha – right back there with you! The heat and the smells – fresh mown grass – as we pedaled furiously past. (Though my bike was a rickety old third or fourth-hand contraption) You captured it and then folded it nicely away with the closing lines. Beautifully done Lana!

  3. Wonderful poem, Lana! I love riding my bicycle, love the feeling of moving fast forward with my own power, and the wind around me – always makes me feel a bit like Leo in Titanic (“I´m the king of the world!”) 😉
    Have a lovely day! Hugs! 🙂 ❤

  4. Love this whole poem, esp “riding on seat springs and sunlight,” “summer yawning / ahead / like a billion burnished promises,” and “fold up neatly / like pressed pansies now / in a worn leather book.” Childhood summers, carefully preserved, tucked away in memory. Beautiful. 🙂

  5. Lana, this one brings back lovely memories. Weren’t we FREE riding our bikes all over town, unlike today’s kids who must “suit up” with helmet, knee and elbow pads to take a similar journey?? Won’t be long now that kids will be heading back to school. Personally, I’m eager for Fall weather!!

    • Those were great days, Debbie. I’ve also noticed that teens really don’t ride bikes anymore, at least not where I live. Yes, school is right around the corner, I’m actually not ready for it, ha ha!

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