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Giant Earth

The earth here

redeems itself in spring

stills itself

gazing graciously upon

the flight of cranes.

These lakes

now utterly thankful

sipping their own water

at high tea.

Open fields

thrust out

their green grassy arms

at the feet of rain

brimming with

ebullient life.

Not so rustic,


we deal with


our seasons static.

Thunder plays her tambourine

as the woodwinds

hold cautious interludes

their breath as gigantic

as Big Bend

extending a carpet of oxygen

pumping the heartbeats

of giant earth.


26 thoughts on “Giant Earth

  1. I love the lakes “sipping their own water / at high tea.” Also the word “ebullient” which is so perfect as you’ve used it there. Nature somehow manages to flourish in the midst of uncertainty, a worthwhile lesson for all of us. Well done, Lana! 🙂

    • Thanks, Joan. I wrote this for Earth Day, but never had time to post it. I speak of the lakes in such a manner because we had a drought for five years and our lakes were almost completely dry! So that is where the line about them sipping their own water came from. We were lucky that we didn’t run out of water, it was so close. I wish people would wake up to so many things impacting our planet.

  2. “the lakes sipping their own water at high tea,” – I love that. And I love the word “ebullient,” at which you are describing how the lakes and everything nature are brimming with laughter, full of life that the rain has finally arrived. You wrote it beautifully in order. A very strong poem! Well done Lana! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. So powerful and strong! Every new line seems to knock the air out of me! Just like nature always does with all its grandeur 🙂
    Hope you had a lovely time with your daughters, Lana! xxxxxxxx

  4. Sad that so many are cavalier about this beautiful planet we call home, huh, Linda? I’ve been watching the wildfires out west and praying for all those affected.

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