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Midnight Magic

I refer

to waterfall music

a far distance from

time’s corridor

seeking secrets of forest lore

sung with gentle notes upon

the lyre.

The wayward, woodland

creatures walk

in scattered circles by

and the trees sing

of eclipsing magic

once upon

a brazen summer solstice.

Oh, verdant measure

the essence of the forest

and petite worlds


in the midnight hour.


30 thoughts on “Midnight Magic

  1. Beautiful! The picture reminds me of magical fireflies, glowing pink and lavender and teal instead of yellow and orange. Loved “brazen summer solstice” and “petite worlds abuzz in the midnight hour” like audaciously long days followed by the tiny unknown inhabitants of the night shift (which I was, for a long time). Time for the days to start getting shorter… Well done! 🙂

    • Thank you, Joan. I like the image of the fairies filling the night shift. I wish there were tiny, magical worlds where we could escape to from time to time. I love the long days of summer so they can just stick around for awhile 😀

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