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Little Dragons

Little dragons of the sand

regal and small

the flicker of a dark eye

they watched there

as we

crafted hours of cousin play

those dragons scampered

free and easy

front porch to open fields.

Little did I know

as the years blasted us

that I would return to

walk upon those

time worn sands

under the melting sun

that we would speak no more

after you left

in your camo suit

for other deserts

and war-torn spaces.

I did not understand

the little dragons

would leave

maybe out searching

for other children

in a world before pesticide

and habitat destruction

maybe choosing to become fairies

that packed up

in the midst of a new sun streaming

and left

our childhood home.


26 thoughts on “Little Dragons

  1. Beautifully said, Lana. Reminds me of a friend’s poem, about how nature is smarter than humans because it knows when to move on. He says the fish swim away from Lake Erie’s “dead zones” but the Rust Belt folks continue to cast hopeful lines into the water and refuse to leave their hometowns even though there is nothing left there to sustain them–no more car plants, steel mills, jobs, etc. 🙂

    • Awe, Joan. That poem about the Rust Belt does sound sad….sad and beautiful. Nature is like that, and I think we do cast our hopeful lines. It is so terrible to lose plants and animals…and places too. When I was a child, the horned lizards were all over my part of Texas, I never see them anymore. There could be many factors, but pesticides used in farming has been mentioned several times. Thank you so much.

    • Oh wow, Jo, I had not heard that, I so hope it happens! It makes me so sad to think they could disappear. I haven’t seen one in the part of Texas where I grew up since probably the 1980s. Thank you, I hope you are having a lovely holiday weekend 😀

  2. Lana, this is so sad…a heavy sense of melancholy. Man’s destruction on this planet is evident all around, even from these tiny lizards that brought you so much enjoyment as young.

    • This is very true, Annika. It surely makes me sad to read where we have lost an animal or plant species. The current attitude (in power) of people who are ignoring climate change and environmental concerns are also distressing. I love to see things like community gardens and those multi-story greenhouses in cities that grow fruits, vegetables, and other wonderful plants. These things always give us encouragement.

  3. A beautiful poem for Memorial Day, Lana. It brought tears to my eyes for the little children everywhere whose little dragons are replaced by bigger, fiercer dragons with scales like armor. Perhaps someday the little dragons won’t need to go searching for other children, and we can grow old with childlike peace, joy, and wonder. ❤

    • Thank you so much for the gracious compliment, Diana. Perhaps someday there will be such a world, a world where dragons can be appreciated no matter how small. I would love to grow old in exactly such a manner infused with the marvels of childhood. XOxo

  4. This was touching and beautiful Lana. We can all hope for a world once again where little dragons will come back and play again. 🙂 ❤

  5. So sad and beautiful at the same time, Lana! All dragons should be cherished, no matter if they’re real or mythical. No other creature has inspired artist of all kinds more, well except the unicorn maybe… 😄 xxx

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