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Renaissance Men

Some men see colors

and grow crops

at the foot of rainbows

They paint sunsets

balancing on terraces

singing of cloudless climes

Some men make music

that drifts and hangs

on silken notes

in village air

They catch poetry verses

like wild butterflies

and arrange them

under night skies

carpeted with stars

Some men create magic

and measure it out

in silver china plates

Some men build with

tiny sun beads

that shed light

on a cynical world

These men

conquer gray skies

and refuse to planted

in asphalt


17 thoughts on “Renaissance Men

  1. Amazing how different we all are, huh, Lana? I guess the best thing is to cultivate the talents we’ve been given (you’re doing great at that!!)

  2. ‘They catch poetry verses

    like wild butterflies.’

    Beautifully written, Lana, this wonderful image stands out for me…I can just feel that child-like moment of trying to net a butterfly, elusive, the joy of catching one…the feeling of joy when writing works!😀

  3. Every line a beautiful homage to the arts! The Renaissance is one of my favorite periods in art history, and I can never stop marveling at the beauty that has been created throughout the centuries. Thank you for bringing it back to my mind, Lana! ❤

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