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Dreamscape Traveller

Where is God?

inching into infinity

you seek the Master of the Stars

as I carry my grandmother’s ring

through the centuries

filtering through

the boundaries of humanity

A stolen locket, a childhood song

love’s tragic journeys

immortalized in magenta pain paint

scaling the towering trees

above the back porch

sits a doll with lavender hair

the duster of dreams

the hijacker of hearts

spreads out an intricately woven carpet

to time travel…


This is what I call, “recipe poetry,” where you take a series of random thoughts and put them in a particular order.  I have done a few of those for my ‘stretching the brain’ practice.  I’m not really sure I like it at all, and I think this one works only if you consider it as a dream sequence.  I have never been a big fan of literature that hurts my brain.  I had to read so much of it when I was in college (during the Ice Age, lol) as an English major.  I am sure, though, that I am better for the experience.  Smile.


26 thoughts on “Dreamscape Traveller

  1. I like it, Lana. It reminds me of “found” poetry except that these are your own random thoughts. It’s difficult to know what the “right” order is; no matter what, it won’t make perfect sense, but it’s still visceral and full of imagery that evokes emotion… I love this line “immortalized in magenta pain paint.” Kudos for branching out, trying something new. 🙂

    • I think it is definitely a version of found poetry, Joan. I did like some of the imagery, also. I have another recipe poem that I like better than this one. I really think that embracing new forms and methods helps the writing process. You inspire me with your talent in writing so many poetic styles. 😀

      • I posted a “story poem” this past Sunday, with a link back to your site, since you are the one who introduced me to the form. You are so right, embracing new forms helps to shake up creativity or get you out of a slump. So keep up the good work! 🙂

      • Thank you so much, Joan! I am behind on my blog visits (life has a way of chewing me up every now and then). I can’t wait to read it! You also keep up the good work, my friend.

    • Thank you, Jennie. Yes they do and they can fit together in an interesting manner. This one, I thought, was like one of those dreams where a person is a different age in the stages of the dream, where there is both good and tougher things present. I hope you had a great school year, and wishing you a fun and relaxing summer ahead!

  2. I know just what you mean about the English Lit stuff! I wonder how many would-be writers professors turned off, just from the analyzing, sentence diagramming, and other chores?!?

    • Thank you, Annika. I couldn’t decide…it is a truly interesting way to write a poem, though, and I think I will post this “recipe” or another to see if any of you guys would like to write one. It is also a great way to spur creativity. 😀

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