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Wildflower Serenade

W ishlist of dreams
I go running
L onging for a brief
D alliance with nature
F ield of flowers
L eisurely and lissome
O h this amazing juxtaposition!
W ildly parading
E loquently calling
R ippling florets
S houting red with bold blossoms

I road tripped across Central Texas. Engulfed in a seasonal proclamation; greenery brandished their finest swords. These wildflowers, stalwart soldiers, springing up along highways, breaking ranks in fields around rolled bales of hay, splashing color beneath cotton clouds, they beckoned. Brazen, colorful musketeers marched around a singular, decrepit barn with its peeling paint, shedding its final skin. Time holds this brief moment as a small gift, a glimpse of paradise evolving. The arrangement of an intermittent choir of Whippoorwills serenades highway hostages. A token of spring rain appears on the horizon. This book of seasons opened at the prelude, bursting in a profusion of promise.


14 thoughts on “Wildflower Serenade

  1. There we go – now there is something to read and something to listen to. Perfection! Of course there must be The Beatles and when it’s a George Harrison song so much the better 🙂 and that sounds like a wonderful trip to take!

  2. How fondly I recall seeing Texas wildflowers (mostly paintbrush and bluebonnets) as I traveled in your state, Lana. The sight is enough to take one’s breath away, and you’ve captured it beautifully. Happy Easter to you and yours!

      • It´s amazing how much power music can have over us, right? 🙂 I´m always so grateful to live in a time where I can hear music when- and wherever I like, and don´t have to wait until the next troubadour comes to visit my castle 😉 Which I´m sure I wouldn’t have had in the first place so very likely no music at all except on some festivities! 😀

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