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Science Lessons

Can you tell me

the origin of the moon?

Particles of the universe

colliding when

Time lifted his heavy hand

and blotted out the sun.

Silly moon

to stand between

the sentencing of corona ions

stilling shadows of the earth

wringing hands of space debris

Bring me your light years

sing to me the moon’s phases

tell me when

seafloor magma

meets the iron oxide of Mars

and a new solar wind

sears over craters.

The flash of a million years

the origin of the universe

mapped between starbursts

and a mystical sun rising.


21 thoughts on “Science Lessons

  1. Silly moon! I like that line and what follows…. I like this whole thing. I imagine you have been moon gazing at this wonderful full moon with a shot or two of tequila for company and ruminating and pondering – the sky is full of wonderful things!

    • The sky is an extraordinary gift for sure :D. I like your imagination, Pauline. This poem really came from jr. high science class where I showed a video the other day….after a day in junior high, though, one may need a couple shots of tequila, ha ha!

  2. I’ve long been fascinated by the moon. The past few nights, it’s looked almost close enough to touch! Beautiful piece of poetry here, Lana!

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