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Cowgirl Nomad

She shows up

like a slim Mae West

wearing fringes and boots

ten shades gone is the ingenue

beneath a plethora

of wild ringlets

her mind delves and unravels

fades to sawdust memories

and tequila nights

She stands regally

in those polished boots

and dances

a sempiternal two-step

among cactus

once mistaken

for lily pads

As the whispering earth pulsates

in unison

to the beat of coyote songs

and the rush and roaring

of that

rambunctious wind


28 thoughts on “Cowgirl Nomad

  1. Ah, Passion!! I’m sure I was once like that! I owned some red cowboy boots that I was most fond of anyway! I must start keeping track of how often tequila gets a mention in your poems πŸ™‚

  2. “ten shades gone is the ingΓ©nue” OMG, what a line! It’s as if by living, she has finally figured out what life is all about. The closing lines are awesome as well, dancing to the music of the earth, the rambunctious wind. Well done! πŸ™‚

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