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Dangerous Mythology

A pale taste,

the sharp burn of empty

bowing at the worship steps

descended by a goddess

wrapped in a gown of uranium

The weak are broken

melted by a scoundrel sun

the warriors of rulers

unite in tandem

They demand

the pendulum swing

back to order

Somewhere, a gavel falls

on laws that wreck and divide

the masses hope the goddess

borrows from her softer side

and that she masters quickly

that capricious ear

least they might leave this world


Until then,

there is isolation

without comfort

and silence

to lull the terror


34 thoughts on “Dangerous Mythology

    • Ah, Annika, it seems I’m in a political rut. Everyday there seems to b e a new horror unfolding. I got this particular idea by reading a poet on The Best American Poetry who wrote a series of poems titled: Dear Mel___ia. I’ll let you fill in those blanks. He wasn’t as apocalyptic as I was, ha ha 😀

  1. I initially and mistakenly read the opening line as ‘a pale ale taste’ and was drawn into a nightmare world where last orders had been called too early…
    I benefitted from a re read.
    Great work, LT 🙂

  2. Are you still feeling the effects of the election, my friend?? ‘Tis an “illness” that seems to be going around, you know. Rest up and know this, too, shall pass!

  3. “Until then, / there is isolation / without comfort / and silence / to lull the terror” Wow! A powerful ending to a powerful statement. A long 4 years for me too, Lana. 🙂

  4. This is just an awesome piece of dark visionary poetry, Lana! I love the lines “wrapped in a gown of uranium” and the last one “…without comfort and silence to lull the terror”. The feelings your words evoke are both in equal share: fascination and terror! 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Sarah. I’ve been in a dark place with the new direction this country is headed…and I’m sure a lot of other people all over the world are concerned also. Fascination and terror sums it up well 😀

      • There are many people who share your concerns and your feelings, especially in Germany, and I´m one of them, Lana. It´s like heading into the unknown with a blackened helmet on and an eclipse to top it!

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