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Bad Country Song

Suppose you were trapped

in some bad country song

as a steel guitar

ratchets your brain

your truck won’t start

your mother-in-law won’t stop

There’s conflict in that country

cause of the progressive artists

with great abs, and all

Feel those boots

scrape the back of your heel

and stale, slow notes

now taste bitter

This blame world is

messed up – moves too fast

full of bozo bohemians

and people who don’t think right

In this bad country song

the words come slowly enough

to grasp and

melt into fiddle strings

Skip to the final verse

load the bloodhound up

and git on down the road…


32 thoughts on “Bad Country Song

  1. Eric Blair meets Eric… Church? In your capable hands LT more epic than Eric. Really enjoyed this (so what’s new πŸ˜‰ )

    • Yes, I think that is probably right that some people do feel that way. I know (in my red state) that a Facebook friend put on there how thankful she was that country music was back in the white house. I think it was only back there for the inauguration because they couldn’t get anyone else, but yes, the feeling of being pushed out of their place sums it up well. Thanks Diana!

  2. I like country songs, even the sad ones. I don’t understand this cowboy-booted feller, but I can sympathize with him… Love the use of opposites in here , Lana.
    your truck won’t START
    your mother-in-law won’t STOP
    load the bloodhound UP
    and git on DOWN the road

  3. Grrr…! Nope, I don’t fancy being trapped there at all, Lana! I hope you haven’t been either. Great physicality to this – ‘ratchets your brain’, ‘scrape the back of your heel’, ‘stale, slow notes/now taste bitter’.

    • There weren’t many takers wanting to be trapped on a bad country song, ha ha. Thank you for the compliment, Annika. You have such a keen eye and great insight into the art of language which is why your book reviews and poetry readings are a treat to read.

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