ABECEDARIAN is an ancient poetry form based on ABC order.  My friend, Joan at Just Joan is a creative poet who composes in many formats. She invited people to try it, so I did a sort of stream of consciousness (which of course, can be a bit scary).  I also added a few little notes which might not be allowed. Smile. Give it a try, it is all great fun!   You can read Joan’s work here: https://justjoan42.wordpress.com/

Apple cart, Adios, Atticus

Bangladesh, Bojangles, Baseball

Circuits, Cicada, Crescent

Davy (Crockett), Death (by chocolate), Distant

Easter, Eggman (not the Walrus), Evening

Fido, Filibuster, Flamingo

Gertrude, Givenchy, Gazelle, Gargoyles!

Highland, Highbrow, Haute

Ideology, Ice house, Iguana

Jasmine, Jasper, Jazz

Kumquat, Kwanzaa, Kayak

La la Land, Legumes, Lilly pads

Mink, Mansion, Mozart

Night, Nightingale, Narcissist

Oligarchy, Oliver, Opals

Pirates, Platitude, Purgatory

Queensryche, Quarry, Quandary

Rattlesnake, Riverside, Rumination

Tinsel, Typesetting, Tiger tiger (in the forest of the night…)

Ursula, Umbrella, Unbidden

Venn Diagram, Vascular, Venomous

Willow, Waltz Werewolf (of London)

Xenia, Xerox, Xanadu

Zorro, Zealot, Zydeco


23 thoughts on “ABC

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Lana! Yours is a fabulous list, love the triads of thought churned out in your stream of consciousness. My favorites?
    Cicadas–2016 was their year, their “music” prompted me to write a poem
    Gertrude and Ursula–best friends circa 1925. Oliver was the guy they fought over.
    Ideology–I’m full of those.
    LaLa Land–I have a summer home there.
    Quandary–I misspelled it once in Scrabble, left out the final “a”
    Xanadu–just used this word in another Abecedarian piece I’m writing
    Zydeco–the type of band that played at a friend’s wedding, washboard and all! 🙂

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