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Hostile giant

silhouetted in penumbra

demure in constant conquest

I hear faint sounds

from the kingdom below

marked by dreams

they grow restless

in twilight

at the approach of

your heavy feet

as you trod upon

this pounding earth

searching for relief

from restless wandering

constant hunger

and the swell of souls

under the crush of your weight


21 thoughts on “Giant

  1. I wasn’t sure about this one LT. I reread it and then came back to it and finally it fell into place. (This is clearly my fault for being a little slow today)
    I took It to be about decent people fighting back against a big bad trumping ogre (or system). I didn’t doubt your genius for a second, LT. 🙂

      • Thanks, Lana. I think I have more of an ear for it since I started writing it. Poetry can’t be rushed, you have to read it slowly and let it wash over you. What does it MEAN? is not as important as what stays with you afterward. Some phrases are musical, some create an image or a feeling, some have visual beauty, some strike at your very heart with an urgent message. It’s a chemistry created between reader and writer. Comments are our only way of knowing if we’ve made a connection here, so when that happens, I like to share my thoughts with the writer. 🙂

  2. As I was reading your poem and especially the ending verses I couldn’t avoid thinking of Atlas, the Titan who was condemned by Zeus to eternally hold Uranus (the sky) on his shoulders… 😀 Great writing. Love & best wishes!

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