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Ode to August

Let’s set the latitude to swelter

I’ve never been

your frozen angel

I’ll caress the

Rose of Sharon, white faced and rosy-cheeked

with its leaves going limp

withering in the stagnant heat

I won’t call foul

even with the decimation of squash

the brittle leaves

brushing my fingers

Instead, I will meet

the cinnamon-headed girl

for tea on the porch

speaking freely

of such scorching things

As the blaze of summer

surrounds us

on a hot August day



21 thoughts on “Ode to August

  1. So… so well expressed and making me long for those extended hot days in the kayak, on the River or lolling on the sand bars watching dear, bear, beaver, gulls, eagles and seals basking in the sun. A few more months…

  2. I must say, LT I’m enjoying these visits to sunny swimming pools and scorching Augusts you’ve been arranging to help us through Winter. Who needs several hours on a plane when your transport arrangements are so convenient. Quality writing πŸ™‚

  3. My isp has taken a dislike to your lovely poems and stories Lana and insists on dumping you in the spam folder. Luckily I am getting wise to this and rescuing you in time! I should have found this poem reflective of my current time of year, but as I’m sitting wrapped in my shawl, with socks on my cold toes and a puppy cuddled in for warmth, We are both looking forward to the heat of summer!

    • Oh dear, that contrary isp. Mine works that way as well somcetimes. Sorry that you are also feeling the chill of winter. I actually shouldn’t complain, we have had very little truly cold weather….I just enjoy summer as it is my favorite season!

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